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Product we can dropship to your customers!

To make this very profitable for you and me, I have taken the standard ebay price I used to sell these at and cut off 25% to 60%, so that when you sell it, you are making a large percentage of profits. So, you sell it at the "List Price" on ebay, come here after receiving your order, and buy it for half price from me and I will ship it to your customers!

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Advertisment Materials for Dropshipping Product

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* Product DataFeeds:-- Bing -- Google Shopping (ALT ONE) -- ShopZilla

Best Websites to List Product On:

  • The Stealth Method to Selling on Ebay with Paypal
  • Best Strategy for Selling on Ebay.com, Amazon.com, PriceGrabber.com & More
  • Another Great Business, Which Protects You Legally + Makes You Great Passive Income
  • How to Earn Internet Money Worldwide on Autopilot

  • Ebay.com ( www.ebay.com, www.ebay.com.au, www.ebay.co.uk, www.ebay.ca // eBay University Learning Center )
  • Amazon.com ( www.amazon.com // Sell Your Stuff on Amazon // How to Sell )
  • PriceGrabber.com ( www.pricegrabber.com // How to Sell - PriceGrabber.com )
  • Ecrater.com ( www.ecrater.com // How to Start Selling on eCrater )
  • Your Own Website Using Google Adwords ( Adwords Site // Setup Account // How To Video // Effectively Use )
  • Overstock.com Auctions ( auctions.overstock.com // How To Sell Tutorial )
  • Craigslist.com ( www.craigslist.com // How to sell items on craigslist )
  • Google Base ( www.google.com/base/ // Google Base Ebay Store Connector // Google Base Help )
  • FaceBook Marketplace ( FaceBook.com/marketplace/ // Marketplace FAQ // How to Sell )
  • MySpace ( FaceBook.com/marketplace/ // Sell on MySpace // Post on MySpace )

    Other Auction Sites (maybe good)

    ( Ubid.com ) , ( Bidz.com ) , ( Onlineauction.com ) , ( Webidz.com ) ,
    ( Auction-warehouse.com ) , ( Epier.com ) , ( Auctionfire.com ) ,
    ( Oztion.com.au ) , ( Ebid.net )

    Why will this work for you?

  • I am not selling on ebay anymore (8 years is a long time).
  • I always have this product in stock or with vendors.
  • Many of these products have been making me solid money for years and years (quarter million a year in sales).
  • I will continually update content and ads and add more items (if changes are needed or to improve sales).

    Questions / Further Information

    Questions about making an order or the status of your order or for information on licensing of other products, please contact me at optasia_mail@yahoo.com.

    Or, fill out this form below and I will contact you by phone or email to answer your questions:

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