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    The best ways to promote your webpages:

    Generally, there are two good ways to sell items via your own website: pay per click (PPC) or free natural search engine optimization (SEO). For pay per click, I would use these PPC companies: Google Adwords, MSN PPC or maybe Bidvertiser. You can also use such things as Craigslist to promote your items (for free). Another way is through natural search engines (SEO) and having multitudes of pages on your website with keyword focus (it all revolves around the keyword in the link, in the title, as the main topic of the page, even backlinks should be on the same keywords for optimal traffic).

    For PPC, I generally use Google Adwords. I have been doing some experimentation with MSN and Bidvertiser. Low cost PPC with good specific keyword focus is always wise. The more targeted your ads, the better.. The more natural your internal linking to products, the better.. The idea is laser direct when it comes to sales outside of ebay. Laser direct with PPC or SEO. So, if you have a popular keyword and mold your page around that keyword, have links and titles with similar or the same keywords and have links from other websites to your website on the very same topic, we are talking powerful potential. And branching out in similar manner, on related topics, this is how Google senses quality in your website.

    For example, you should always have your pitch add in PPC be exactly representative of your product you are advertising.. You should have the link go directly to the ad and capture their attention on the ad page. You want only the relevant to click on your pitch ad, so make sure, not to make your offer too broad.

    So, you can see, it is all about laser accuracy. The product, the ad, the links, the titles, etc are all hovering around the same titles. And a link to you from the same type of website (one directin towards you without you giving a direct return link) gives you a huge boost in Google's book.

    Here are some very good articles that discuss SEO in further detail:

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