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Pearl 6: Automating Everything
  1. Automating Listings & Invoices: Sign up for eBay's Selling Manager Pro. Currently, I have 95% of my listings and invoices automated and I sell a wide variety of product. So, selling only simple items, such as ebooks, you can automate 100% of the listings and invoices.
  2. Automating Feedback: You can use Selling Manager Pro or Merlin's Instant Feedback to automate your feedback posting. I personally use Merlin's Instant Feedback, as they existed BEFORE eBay's automated feedback software.
  3. Automating Email: Now, this is about the only thing where you can not automate 90% of it. From my experience, you can automate about 50% to 75% of your emails total. I use Microsoft Outlook Rules to answer my emails. Here is a page I created which explains how to about doing this: click here.
  4. Automating Delivery of your Product: With physical product, about the only way you can do this is to hire people to work for you. That is what I did. Basically, I hired part time my mother and brother to ship items I sell on eBay. That way, I do not have to ship anything. If you are SELLING EBOOKS, you can automate delivery through a new option that eBay provides when you create a listing from their website. These two pages here explain how it works:

    click here 1 .
    click here 2 .

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