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    So, you want to start selling through Ad Papers. Well, you have come to the right place. I have spent years, full time, selling on the internet and through magazines/ad publications.

    Late at night, you have probably seen a few infomercials telling you how to make money by selling through tiny classified ads. They generally say it only takes a few hours a day and requires little work to get everything going. After selling for 3 years on the internet and some through ad papers/magazines, I can tell you that this is not true for someone starting out on their own. Generally, you can become disappointed, if you are not determined to test ads and make it work. Whats nice is that I was able to acheive this "pie in the sky" 2 to 3 hours a day and make a considerable amount of money selling both through internet and ad publication sales. It took years to get to that point with a lot of trial and error. The good news is that I can pass the tips, tricks, ad materials and products on to you, so that you can start out today at the level I am at.

    You might be asking yourself, "Why would you pass all those tips, tricks, etc onto me?" The reason I decided to pass this all over to you is because I am switching from selling directly to customers to selling to resellers. So, my profit will now be in distributing low cost goods to you, the reseller, and supplying you with materials to sell those products. I really saw a need for a low cost distributor, as I couldn't ever find one. Through all the years of selling, I have found maybe 2 distributors that overall had products cheap enough to buy and resell. Generally, I would have to sift through 40 products, just to find 2 good ones with most "distributors". That is why I decided to become a low cost distributor!

    Why spend years trying to find good products to achieve high sales volume, when I can provide all the great products you will need, all the selling tricks and even the ad materials?

    How Do you Advertise through Ad Publications?

    There are a few good ways to sell from your home. Obviously, one of them is through the internet, which we will not discuss here. For information on selling through the internet, please click here. For selling through ad publications, here are a few good ones below.


    1. A-Z List of Classified Publications
    2. Nationwide Classifieds: Updates Weekly. Low Price Quotes & Ordering for Newspaper Classifieds Around the Nation. Excellent for Selling our Products
    3. 21,000 Newspapers Nationwide, 60 million total circulation Available to list your classified ad in!
    4. Nationwide Newspaper Classifieds: Place your classified ad in anyone of 21,000 Newspapers.
    5. Bargain Trader: Excellent for Selling our Products (Click on the State of Choice)
    6. Auto & RV: Excellent for Vehicle Sales (Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio & Wisconsin)
    7. SuperShopper Classifieds (for you Canadians)

    The above are some of the best outlets for getting your ads in Newspapers and publications. For more, simply go to your local grocery store and look at the ad racks near the front of the store, sometimes in the foyer as you are going in. Usually, there will be several that you can choose from. Just find a few that relate to the products you will be selling, find their phone number and figure out how to order ad space in their publication! Its as easy as that. Keep in mind, though, that you want to sell to all of America, not just local residents. We will have products that you can easily ship all over the USA! Check out the "How-To" Section for more details.

    There are also magazines to advertise in, but I would suggest staying away from advertising in this type of medium. I say this, because I spent about $6500 or so advertising in magazines and had little to show for it. Basically, they will charge a $700 to $1200 for a simple half page or full page ad in a magazine. With the classifieds, it will only cost you $30 and you will get better sales. I am under the impression that magazine or half/full page advertising is for those who have a large customer base and have been in business for quite a while (i.e. ~ Kellogs, General Motors, Dell, etc). We are focused on small business sales, so the Classifieds/Ad Trader Publications rather than magazines/large ads are what we want to use.

    To give you an idea of the kind of potential that is available for selling products in Classifieds or Trader Publications, there are companies that sell exclusively through these publications, selling fifty to one hundred products a day. When I say this, I am not refering just to small items. I am refering to things like Musical Instruments, Appliances, etc. Now, the great news is that with products like Car Audio and Musical Instruments you can make anywhere from $20 to $70 per sale!! So, imagine, 50 to 100 products a day sold and making $35 on each sale! We are talking about $3500 of profit a day. That is not the gross revenue, but profit. Of course, you have to pay a TON in advertising for those sales, but about five or so days of profit per month will pay for all the advertising costs at this level of sales! You would still have 25 days worth of profit. NOW, I would like to point out that a company selling this many products a day, is a very large company and has a large amount of money in their supplies/stock. Obviously, they have several employees to pay, so that needs to be considered. So, this example, is sort of level that could be achieved with the right amount of time and/or money.

    After calling up a few of these newspapers and trader publications, there are a few more things you will need to do before you can start selling. Please, goto my "How-To Sell through Ad Publications!" Section to get your sales up and running! (Click Here)

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