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    So, you have decided to take a stab at selling on the internet. Well, you have come to the right place. I have spent 3 solid years, full time, selling on websites like, and I can save you all the trial and error and complexity in getting your internet sales going right.

    You might have seen a commercial or two on TV late at night telling you about the new rave of selling on the internet. They generally say it only takes 2 to 3 hours a day and requires little work to get everything going. After selling for 3 years on the internet, I can tell you that this is false for someone starting out on their own. But, the good news is, I am now able to work about 2 to 3 hours a day and make a considerable amount of money selling. It took years to get to that point. The good news is that I can pass the tips, tricks, ad materials and products on to you, so that you can start out today at the level I am at.

    You might be asking yourself, "Why would you pass all those tips, tricks, etc onto me?" The reason I decided to pass on all of this over to you is because I am switching from selling directly to internet/publication customers to selling to resellers. So, my profit will now be in distributing low cost goods to you, the reseller, and supplying you with materials to sell those products. Why spend years trying to figure it all out yourself, when I provide all the great products you will need, all the tricks to selling them and even ad materials?

    Whats even more difficult in selling by yourself is that its often difficult to find products that will make you good money. Generally, you will have to go through about 10 products to find 2 good ones and then only one of the two ends up working! So, if we give you winning products off the bat, it would make your job much much easier!

    What Websites are Good to Sell on?

    Believe it or not, many websites are not worth selling on. Only a few seem to have enough traffic to warrant your time in making money, especially if this is your full time job.


    1. eBay Auctions (
      (Foreign ebay sites below are separate from, thus more people to sell to!!)
    2. Auctions
    3. Google Adwords (Your Website's Promotion)
    4. Yahoo Auctions (
    5. Amazon Sales (
    6. Sales (
    7. iOffer Sales (
    8. uBid Auctions (
    9. MSN Auctions (

    The above analysis is primarily from my experiences selling. I have sold on all the above websites, except, MSN Auctions and eBay Canada/Germany. Yes, I currently sell on eBay UK and eBay Australia and have had great success! Do not discount the foreign eBay websites, as they could easily double/triple your sales! On eBay, by far, I sell the most. I often sell 30 items in one day on Through Google Adwords, I was able to start a website and quickly receive sales at about 1 sale a day. Now, I think I sell about 2 to 3 a day. I have read that Google Adwords can make you as much money as eBay, but I have never been able to get it to that level. To be fair, though, I have spent far more time and money on eBay rather than Google Adwords. Through Yahoo Auctions, I often will sell 2 items a day. With Amazon, I only did sales for about 3 months, and only received maybe a sale every week, but I did not approach with the best method of selling. I am under the impression that if you approach it correctly, you could sell even a couple a day on Through iOffer, I would occasionally sell a product, maybe one a week. I like iOffer, as you can export your eBay auctions directly to iOffer with an automated program. This makes it take very little work to use. I believe I have used uBid only one time and its probably similar to iOffer in volume. I have not tried MSN Auctions, and I am wondering if they are about equal to Yahoo Auctions, as according to, MSN is the #2 most popular website after and they are sort of a "mirror" of Yahoo for content.

    To give you an idea of the kind of potential that is available on the internet for selling products, there are companies that sell exclusively on eBay, selling 100 products a day. When I say 100 products a day, I am not talking about something like CDs, DVDs or some other small profit item. I am refering to things like TVs, Musical Instruments, VCRs, etc. Now, the great news is that with products like Car Audio, TVs and Musical Instruments you can make anywhere from $20 to $70 per sale!! So, imagine, 100 products a day sold and making $35 on each sale! We are talking about $3500 of profit a day. That is not the gross revenue, but profit. Of course, you have to pay for advertising for those sales, but about four days of profit per month will pay for all the advertising costs at this level of sales! You would still have 26 days worth of profit. NOW, I would like to point out that this is the profit of one of the bigger companies selling on eBay. They have two warehouses. Obviously, they have employees to pay also. So, this example, is sort of level that could be achieved just selling on eBay, as some are already doing this.

    Getting Your Sales Account Up and Running

    Selling on generally is the best place to get sales going, I would suggest going there first.


    1. eBay Registration Overview
    2. Signing up with
    3. Creating a Seller's Account
    4. Using to accept payments for sales
    5. Sign up for a Paypal Account


    1. Using to accept payments for sales
    2. Sign up for a Paypal Account
    3. through Western Union for accepting payments for sales
    4. Another great method is the simple mail order (money order or check) sent to your address.
    5. All payment methods listed above are recommended.


    1. Sign Up with if you do not have an account.
    2. How do I submit an item for auction?
    3. Yahoo Auctions Main Page


    1. Selling at
    2. Pro Merchant Register to Sell on
    3. Selling at Amazon Auctions
    4. Selling at Amazon zShops


    1. Google Advertising Programs (you need your own website to use their services)
    2. Google AdWords (Click the button under the "Sign Up Now"
    3. Affordable server hosting for your website(Easy Setup).
    4. Affordable server hosting for your website(Complex Setup).


    1. How to Become a Member
    2. How to Become a Seller
    3. How do I get paid by


    1. New User Registration
    2. iOffer Seller Help

    What's Next?

    After creating your account on any of the above auction or retail websites, there are a few more things you will need to do before you can start selling online. Please, goto my "How-To Sell on eBay, Yahoo & Google!" Section to get your sales up and running! (Click Here)

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