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Americas Financial Apocalypse: How to Profit from the Next Great Depression (Condensed Edition) (9780975577677): Stathis: Books. In 2006, after reading a draft of America s Financial Apocalypse, a prominent fund manager told Mr. Stathis (under the condition of anonymity) YOU WILL BE A STAR AND IN HIGH DEMAND ! This senior executive promptly ordered several dozen copies for other fund managers at this large investment house. Despite the fact that Stathis contacted hundreds of TV shows over a 2-year period, they all refused to interview him. He contacted every show on CNBC (Cramer, Kudlow, Fast Money, etc.). He contacted Cavuto on FOX, the news shows on CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, PBS and BET with no response. They all have his book Cramer, Kudlow, Cavuto, Lou Dobbs, journalists at 60 Minutes and virtually everyone else you can imagine. He personally handed Pete Najarian from Fast Money his book. Ask yourself why they are keeping this critical material from you. They have all failed you. How can you ever trust them again? You see who they have selected to interview liars, fools, crooks and marketing gurus all with miserable track records; all looking to take your money in some way. America s largest media networks are politically motivated, so they continue to air lies and misinformation that has caused everyone to loss trillions of dollars. But they are also financially motivated so they don t want to upset the companies who pay for advertisements - Wall Street firms and the mutual fund industry. Stathis could have saved people from much of these losses. But the media refused to let him speak. Censorship is alive and well in America but you will never know it if you rely on the mainstream media because you won t know what they aren t telling you. They shut the truth out to protect their agendas. Stathis even offered to give a presentation to a Schwab Active Trader event during the Bear Stearns crisis when no one had a clue how bad things were. Schwab was interested - until they read his book. This fund manager did not realize that Stathis prognosis for America would be counterproductive for network ad revenues. The financial industry would be devastated by his analysis. At the same time, they realized no one who could successfully counter his arguments so they refused to air his insights because America s media industry is not interested in airing the truth until it is too late. The media serves their sponsors corporate America (including the financial industry) because they pay the bills. Stathis is no perma-bear and he has no financial agendas. Unlike others he is not trying to get you to buy gold from him or invest with him. Thus, his analysis is pure. His only agenda is to help you protect yourself from Wall Street crooks and Washington irresponsibility. Despite the controversial nature of his book, much has already come true. But there is much more to come as the book describes. Apparently, many investors didn t learn their lesson from the dotcom collapse. But Stathis did. And when he saw an even bigger collapse on the horizon, he spent 2 years of his life writing America s Financial Apocalypse to help investors. As the only expert who wrote a comprehensive analysis of America s problems prior to the collapse, it is clear that Stathis stands as the person who best understands what the future will hold and what the solutions are. This book proves he is the world s leading expert on this crisis hands down. After reading it, you will understand America far better than anyone in Washington and anyone on TV, including the so-called experts. That is a guarantee. If you haven t figured it out by now, you are on your own when it comes to your investments. And if you keep listening to the mainstream media, the same scams will continue to devastate you. You would be best to listen carefully at what Stathis has to say. Because he is the ONLY real expert who is on your side. --Confidential

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