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The One and Only Method I Use on Google Adwords

Well, this is interesting how I even came about with a good way to make money through Google Adwords.

Like many of you, I spent $100's of dollars buying manuals on how to use Google Adwords. There were a couple nice tricks I learned in these manuals, but often, they were sort of common place ideas.

I didn't have a great deal of luck with Google Adwords the first year I used it.

THEN, one day, not too long ago (maybe a couple months ago), I got sick of the fact I was not making anything on Google Adwords and basically told myself all these gurus had little to say and if I can make a ton of money on eBay, I sure is heck can figure out this Google Adwords on my own.

SO, basically, I started thinking, how can I "reverse engineer" Google Adwords..


I went to my exisiting Google Adwords and I took each phrase one by one and did this process.

  1. I would do a search on the phrase on For instance, the phrase "ebook business". I would then look at all of the ads on the right of the page (google adwords ads).
  2. Then, I would categorize the ads on the right side of the page to either be:
    A. Big companies wasting their money by putting up high bids and having ineffective ads.
    B. Small companies and people with low bids and killer good ads.
  3. All of the ads on the right that fit "B", I analyzed and would ask myself what in the ad made it so good. Then, I would take the concepts and phrase pieces from these ads and make my own hybrid based on them all.
  4. Then, I would make a new group, put my phrase I just did a search on, into this new group. I would then take the hybrid ad I created and put it as one of the ads for this group.
  5. I would go down the WHOLE list of my phrases from my existing old groups and repeat the process above.
  6. All of the phrases that seemed to end up having similar ads, I would place in the same group. So, in step 3 above, when you are making the ad, you will start to notice that some phrases seem to have the same killer good ads. Just put all of these in the same group. You will discover they are not the ones you would always assume would fit together..
  7. In the end, you should have a handful of groups with all the phrases with hybrid ads that are based on the top selling ads currently on google for those searches.
  8. After you have all of your Ad Group's reconfigured to what I mentioned in steps 1-7, then, you need to put in the conversion tracking:
  9. Let it run for a week to three weeks. After its been running for this much time, go into your account and look at the Cost/Conv. If the Cost/Conv is about half or less of the price of your informational product, it is running good for that campaign group.
  10. Now, here is the secret. There should be one or two groups in your campaign that are getting the higher traffic and also the better cost per conversion. THESE are your one or two groups that you need to expand on MORE.
  11. All the other campaigns groups that are not performing as well, just try to improve them by varying the ad, changing the price, etc.
  12. On the one or two groups with the higher traffic and the better conversion rates you need to expand on by:
    • Brainstorming more phrases and keywords that are very related to the current keywords in those two groups.
    • It will be tempting to tell yourself there are no other very similar keywords, but I have found that I was able to TRIPLE my set just by looking for mispells, variants on how to write the same phrases, etc.. The idea is to keep these very very similar to the already existing keywords in those two killer ad groups.
    • What you will find will occur is you will start to get even 3 times the traffic or more of what you were getting before. And, imagine, these are you one or two best campaigns.
    • When I did this expansion on very very similar phrases, keywords I discovered that my "text ads on content network" shot through the roof. So, my "text ads on search" went up a little, but my content network ones are where most of the new traffic came from. My over all clickthrough went down, because content network generally has less clickthrough, BUT my sales went through the roof and also I guess I was one of the better performers and my sales and google cost just keep steadily increasing over time. It has gone from $300 a month to about $750 a month and its still showing signs of going up (maybe some google adword formula based on performance).

I AM NOT JOKING.. I did the above only to about 1/3 of my google adwords thus far and I already have tons more orders. FURTHER, I am getting much higher clickthrough.

AND, if you think through the above it is very logical and cuts out all of your hard work.. Basically, you are making your ad off the backs of those who have labored hard to get their ads to the top positions.. So, literally, you are able to use the money and work they put into making their good ad and just make your own based off their work. .

Ha ha.. Great isn't it? A lot better than you wasting your days, months, trying to do trial and error to make a good ad..

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