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  • Hi Michael,
    A Couple Interesting Ideas.  Not sure which is best:
    IDEA 1. Have a website dedicated to Christian Testimonies..   To start out, you could get those you know to write up their testimonies (in MS Word) and then send it to you via email. 
    You could then, search around online for testimonies and ask permission to post it on your website the ones you find..    Then, you could talk to people via email, in person, etc to get other testimonies.. 
    A fast way to get many testimonies maybe would be to get in touch with a huge ministry and ask them if you can request testimonies from their email list.  (or actually, if they would be willing to ask people in their mailing list for testimonies)..  You could easily get 100's that way..
    Once you have many in say MS Word format, there are easy ways to convert them. I could show you how at that point and how to transition to website form..

    IDEA 2.  This one is probably easier..   Go around to various churches and talk to pastors about using their sermons, articles, notes online..  You could probably get 1000's of documents to put online that way..
    So, you could have a mega sermon, topical, article collection..  Then, you could also have a testimony area.. 
    IDEA 3:  Do both Idea 1 and 2..  I think that would be an awesome strategy..
    THEN, while you are collecting these sermons, notes, testimonies, etc..  I could show you how to put them into website form..  
    There are actually automated ways to do it..  I can show you fast ways to convert data..
    I can show you how to make a macro to save all the Word files for all the sermons (say 1000's)..  It would be automated and just start opening them one by one and saving them as an HTML file..
    I used to do such things..  My computer would be doing a bazillion things really quickly..

    Anthony W.

    --- On Sat, 9/27/08, Michael Rech <> wrote:
    From: Michael Rech <>
    Subject: Re: Creating Websites
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Saturday, September 27, 2008, 12:51 PM

    Dear Anthony,
    Thank you for responding to my e-mail to you.  You are just what I am looking for. 
    1.  Yes I would like larger traffic
    2.  Do I have a unique testimony that stands out?  YES!  When I tell it to people, it takes about 1/2 hr to tell the full version.  If you would like to "hear it", I could have my wife type it up for you, and see what you think about putting it on the web-site.  If it needs condensing, without taking anything away from it, I would appreciate if you could help me with that.
    3.  Yes to this question too.
    I've been wating to have a web-site where I could share the Word of God and be able to lead people to Christ.  Because of the internet, I would be able to witness to people that I normally would not have been able to witness to.
    Michael Rech

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