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  • Hi Alana,
    Yes, I am convinced they are doing this to verify you are not a scammer..  They are kind of stupid about that with new sellers.. 
    I think it happened to my brother, as he tried to sell somehting really expensive on his first auction and ebay did very similar to him..
    AT ANY RATE, see the scanned picture of the "Custom's Declaration" and also the "Certificate of Mailing"
    Save it to your computer (File/Save As) and then open it in on your computer and you will see it is very large sized scan..
    We have not shipped the Iran one yet..  But, when we do (either Saturday or Monday), we will get the "Certificate of Mailing" proving we shipped it..
    1. Call Paypal.  Tell them you have a "Certificate of Mailing" for the items, but no tracking number, because they are overseas.  So, your dropshipper got a "Certificate of Mailing" to prove it was shipped and it can be verified with the US Post Office..
    2. Ask Paypal for the email address to email them the scan of the "Certificate of Mailing" to prove you mailed it.  Ask them how to email it to them (process).  You probably will need to put some claim number in the subject line or something.
    3. Email it to them as an attachment, or maybe you can just use the links above..  Either way, which ever they want or accept..
    4. After they do their review, they should release the funds, account, etc..  Hopefully, they are pretty fast..  I am guessing then they will not do this to you anymore..
    HOWEVER, they may hold payments in future, I am not sure..
    Once you have sold lots of stuff, they will leave you alone..
    Anthony W.

    --- On Fri, 9/26/08, alana levang <> wrote:
    From: alana levang <>
    Subject: help, help!!!!!!!!!
    Date: Friday, September 26, 2008, 9:12 PM

     I really need help since I don't know what the hell is going on I am brand new a this and it is the first time that something like that happen to me.... ebay removed all my listings today and paypal open 2 dispute cases on me. I think it is random to make sure all the sellers are safe. (I don't think it is from the customers as it was a transaction from today and yesterday and I never received emails from customers after their payments.) Anyways... paypay are asking me to provide them with tracking shipping number of 2 items:

    - 400 childrens learning games (sept 26) for Greandin Abanid in Qatar and
    - black electric guitar (sept 25) for Marvin Meints in Canada

    Thanks a lot,
    I am waiting for your answer

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