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  • Hi Kelly,
    I just wrote out sort of the whole "shabang" with reverse engineering in an earlier email today for someone trying to do services and an ebook on "golf"..
    Instead of rewriting it, can you look through this email and instead of it saying "golf" consider instead your services of ghost writing, etc..
    It is the exact same approach..  With the clickbank copy and paste, all I did was goto this link here and type in a keyword..  In your case maybe ghost writing..
    For instance, I just did a search on "writing"..  These seem related.. 
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    7) Get Paid To Write On The Internet. Discover How To Get Paid To Write (freelance) For People On The Internet With Very Little Or No Experience! Converts Better Than Survey, Data Entry, And Investigation Sites. Also Check Out
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    9) 24 Hour E-Book Writing System. How To Write An E-Book In Exactly 24 Hours - Even If You Cant Write!
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    NUMBER 4 would be someone to reverse engineer (if it is related enough to your service)..  Look at this gravity.. 
    It is 45..  That means he sells about 90 of these a month..
    SO, even if this doesn't fully relate, you will notice a pattern.  WHERE the money is..
    You want to have a service where the money is..  So, often, I look where the money is and THEN make the product..
    That way, you are offering a service that people are really buying up fast..

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