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  • Hi Ana,
    OK..  So, on top of dropship, you want to expand into these areas yes?
    I know a few good sources right off the top of my head for some of these..
    For instance, for games..  These guys seem to be worth selling their items:
    Atleast when I checked them out a year or year and a half ago, they had prices that were realistic for brand new games..

    Meaning, you could actually make some money selling their new games..   XBOX, PS3, etc..

    Well, I do know one way that will make money, but it is illegal copies..  I know some do it, but it eventually catches up with you..

    There are vendors outside the USA, generally Eastern Europe (Russian, Ukraine, etc), who basically have all the software out there and they reproduce it for $3 a piece..
    I bought a bunch for myself personally when I was in Kyrgyz Republic (once former USSR).  I lived there for a year..
    You COULD do that, but likely, it could backfire..
    On the legal side..  It is a little more difficult..  You want CLOSEOUTS..  OVERSTOCKS..
    So, some software, made by some vendor that was in chain stores..  Made a little too much and now is trying to get rid of it..  Sells for WAY LESS..
    I would do searches like this on Google and these Overstock websites:
    I think maybe Genco sometimes has closeout software:

    Anthony W.

    --- On Mon, 9/22/08, Ana Marie Fischman <> wrote:
    From: Ana Marie Fischman <>
    Subject: Re: Dropship Items..
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Monday, September 22, 2008, 1:01 AM

    Hi Anthony,
    How are you doing, hope everything is going well with you... Thanks for touching base. 
    I just got back from vacation.  I have not had time to do any ebay selling..
    However, I have been thinking, I really would like to open up my own Ebay Store.
    I would like to specialize in selling the following items below:
    Audio Books
    Informational and Educational DVDs & CDs
    Electronic Games
    I truly appreciate if you could help me get set-up and get my ebay store started.  Where do I buy wholesale products for the above items... 
    Thank you and best regards,
    Ana Marie Fischman

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