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  • Hi John,
    OK, took a look at your website.. 
    What I believe you want is basically to get a following and client online, along with sell your own ebook..
    This is actually a little complex, but lets just take it one piece at a time..  This actually more than just selling one product, as you are trying to promote a service..
    1. You need traffic..  No traffic to your products or website is obviously one main problem..
    Best places for traffic:
    1. Ebay.
    2. Google Adwords (advertising your web ad).
    3. Craigslist (advertising your web ad or website).
    4. A few other random websites..
    So, that is something that needs to be realized right now..  If you are going to have more clients from online, or sales of your ebook, it will have to be from one or more of the mediums above..
    2. I can see your website is not exactly the best..  Its not bad..  But, it could be improved..  The information is there, it is just how you present it.  We can work on that as we go along..
    One really quick way to get a jump start on this is to FIRST know that your ad (sales pitch page) where you are trying to either sell your ebook or sign up clients needs to be solid..
    So, focusing on that, there is one fast way to get that jumped ahead light years..
    And that being using a technique I call "reverse engineering" your competitors..  You simply find someone who is already doing what you are wanting to do, namely sell your services online.. 
    You find the "top dog" selling his services online..  Then, you reverse engineer his advertisement and approach to obtaining clients..
    Sometimes, it is difficult to know who the top dog is..  However, there are two places where you can easily gather such information, assuming such sellers exist on their websites..
    1. Ebay.
    2. Clickbank.
    On ebay, you can do "completed item" searches..  You type in some keywords on what you are selling..  You check the box "completed items" on the left side menu and hit "OK" or show items whatever the button is called..
    Then, after it displays the completed item history, you click the right side menu which sorts the items..  You have sort by price, sort by date, etc..    You want to "sort by highest price first"..
    This will show the completed product sales history on the search terms you put in for higher prices first..
    You look for the guy with all the "greens"..  Look for some seller selling basically what you want to sell with a lot of "greens" at higher prices..  This guy is the "top dog"..

    Sometimes, there is no one..  But, I am thinking, there is atleast one person selling golf lessons on ebay.. 
    The only problem with ebay is people are all over..  I am not sure if you can teach anything not in person, as I am not a golfer..  I guess that is where your ebook would come into play or can you coach on phone or email, or is that rediculous?
    Atleast, this will tell you a little about ebooks and info on the topic selling.. 
    There could possibly be no top dog..  If that is the case, you can goto clickbank..
    Here is what I found on clickbank..
    1) The Simple Golf Swing. EBook For A Repeatable And Simple Golf Swing That Provides Power, Accuracy And Consistency. High Conversions - 2 Free Templates.
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    3) Official How To Break 80(tm) Golf Instruction Program. Best-selling EBook And Mp3 Files For All Golf Skill Levels. Two Offers On Same Page ($37 And $47) And New Upsell Provides Great Conversions. You Get Paid Up To $50.43 Per Sale. Get Affiliate Tools Here Http://
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    4) Instant Slice Cure - Golf. Destroy Your Golf Slice In A Matter Of Minutes Using This Revolutionary New System! Success Guaranteed. Sports & Recreation.
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    5) Golf Fitness Guide. Easy Tips And Techniques To Quickly Transform Your Game And Add 20 Yards To Your Drives!
    $/sale: $25.40 | Future $: - | Total $/sale: $25.40 | %/sale: 60.0% | %refd: 78.0% | grav: 12.09
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    6) Amazing Golf Mind Mental Audios. Pays 75%, High Conversion, Affiliate Tools (promo Emails, Ezine Ads, Review, Graphics, All With Your Aff. Link Embedded) - See Http://, Update: New Great Converting Trial Offer.
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    7) The Webs Greatest Golf Toolkits. Discover The Webs Best Golfing Toolkits And Earn Yourself A Fortune By Joining Us Right Now!
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    8) The Instant Golf Swing. The Original Breakthrough Golf Swing Method Used By 1000s Worldwide. Instantly Slash Your Scores By Creating Perfect Impact. High Conversions - New Site. Afffiliate Page With Banners, Logos, Ads, Articles. Guaranteed Golf Swing Tips And Instruction.
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    OK, it sorts by "best seller" first..  So the first on the list is the top seller..
    He sells a lot more than the ones below him..
    He has a 67 gravity ..  That means, he sells probably about 70 to 140 a month of his ebook/info product..  That is, if I remember how it works correctly..  Maybe I am wrong.
    I think it maybe about 130, if I am not mistaken..  1 per sale, but it dwindles to 0 by end of month..  So, its like a sale from the end of the month was 0.1..  One made yesterday was 1..  So, it would be about 130 sales I think a month..

    Reverse engineer these guys..   They have a killer ad..  It makes sales..  

    Ask yourself WHY?    Read it..  What makes you want to buy it..  What makes you think others want to buy it..  
    Print it out, circle the content that makes you want to buy it..
    Now, I may be able to do it better than you, but everyone knows why they want to buy something they read.. 

    If you have some basic marketing knowledge, this technique will work far better for you..
    Basically, I use this technique to BYPASS ALL TRIAL AND ERROR..  If you do it right, you can take ALL the good stuff from their ad and ad it to your own and get sales right off the bat..

    Anthony W.

    --- On Mon, 9/22/08, John Darling <> wrote:
    From: John Darling <>
    Subject: Response to your kind response to my wife..Susie Darling
    Date: Monday, September 22, 2008, 12:15 AM

    Thank You Mr. W.,
    My name is John Darling.
    You were so kind to answer my wife concerning selling ebooks through your system and my own personal ebooks. I have answered you in red to all the questions you sent back.
    I'm very serious, just need to learn how. If it is at all possible to have a phone meeting I will make the time fit your schedule. I know you are busy. You may be a God send to us mysteriously.
    Please respond if at all possible.
    Hi Susie,


    OK, does he want to just sell his ebook, or also his expertise?  I want to sell ebooks centered on my expertise and my expertise.

    Or does he already have enough business in the area of coaching?  Like coaching I could always use a few more clients.

    For I can show him how to correctly build a following online.  I know how to go about doing it (not super simple, but I know the way and have done it and seen how others have done it).  Willing to learn. I know there is no magic dust. Hard work correctly conducted yields results.

    I would say, you did contact the right person to figure out how to do this right..  If at all possible I would like to talk to you. I know you are busy but is a small time frame could be arranged.

    Most everything you will read online will either be half right or not helpful to what you are looking to do.   I'm not savvy enough to know the difference.


    1. Tell me sort of the situation..  Is he already doing fine and just would like to create a side income or are you looking for a way to make some money more quickly? I need to increase my present income stream giving golf lessons, need to create a side income, and make some additional money quickly.

    2. Is he interested in obtaining clients online or just selling his ebook? I would like to be able to attract more clients from my web site but I am really interested in the ebook business. Not to boast but I'm quite well known in Southern California. I am at a location that does not promote me and I am a very poor self promoter. Please go to and see my credentials. As to the ebooks I have the ability to create video through methods I have learned for over 30 years that is unlike any you have seen from instruction before.

    3. Is there any other type of business you would like to do online?  We would if we were taught properly. We would be motivated with something we could do.

    4. Is there any restrictions (time restrictions, etc)?  Our true restriction is unfortunately funds.

    The above will help me gage which way to take this..


    John Darling
    Class "A" Member of the PGA of America
    Director of Instruction
    Maderas Golf Course
    858 674 5514

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