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  • Hi Mark,

    If you are looking to make money with ebooks, you are taking the wrong approach.
    And I am not telling you selling straight ebooks that are older is the ticket either..
    Plain and simple, you are taking a very standard, non-working approach..   Well, technically, the approach you want to take only works a little..   Basically, works "Maybe" for a few months until there are too many sellers or the item is outdated..
    The idea is not to sell the ebooks in the ebook vault in the standard manner, but RATHER to put them in to compilations and UNIQUELY NAME the compilation and do NOT list what ebooks are included in the compilation..
    Then, to understand your customer base..  There are two types of customers..  The cheapass and the quality customer..
    Most ebook sellers are idiots and sell to the cheapass..  They devalue their auction by putting a low price on the item..   As a result, only cheapasses look at it and buy..
    You get just as many or more sales selling at higher prices..

    And by making it UNIQUE you are able to sell it for YEARS..  You don't need to find some "NEW" ebook all the time..
    So, in other words, you don't need to hunt for the newest ebook.  What you need is your OWN UNIQUE stuff..

    And, you don't need to make anything from scratch.. 
    You can make a compilation on Real Estate topic, for instance..  Five ebooks on real estate.. 
    UNIQUELY name it..  Put a GOOD PRICE on it..  Have a unique niche slant on it..  REVERSE ENGINEER your competitors..
    I can teach you all of this, if you want to really learn how to make money with ebooks..  This is how the top sellers do it..   I don't do a 1/4 million a year for 8 years for no reason..
    I have not had a job in 8 years..
    I have a dropship program..  Its not some bullshit program like 9.5 out of 10 out there..
    Actually, I used to always preach against dropship programs, because they are almost all crap..

    However, I made one that actually works for you and me..  No point in making one that doesn't work for you, if I want to keep you selling my items..
    Manual for how to do dropship here: 
    Ad Materials for all dropship products here:
    Steps to dropshipping:

    Anthony W.

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