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  • Hi Trudy,
    The cool part about these items you mentioned is that they have mostly already been market tuned..  
    They are basically already "battle tested" ads that sell well..
    However, the one part you need to do is how to list them to maximize your sales...   First the best place to sell them is likely ebay..
    Second, I mention a lot of good strategies for selling on ebay these items you mentioned.. 
    Click on these links below for the advice and ad materials for selling those items:
    For the Children's learning CD, I have found it to sell well throughout the week..  Obviously, Friday may yield more sales..   Generally, the best time for it to end would be 6PM to 8PM PST..
    To make $1500 to $2000 a week selling on the computer, you have to really pour yourself into this..  You have to be pretty relentless (don't just do some here and there).. 
    As some people, they get into selling online and they forget to list auctions, only put a few up, etc..  That doesn't make you $1500 to $2000 a month..
    Since you are new to this, you may have to work your way up to this amount..  It is possible to get that off the starter tracks, but often, people need to do a bit of trial and error to get their mind right, approach right, etc..

    Actually, what I would say is what you see in chain stores is probably the best stuff you could sell on ebay..
    And, I actually know where to get such items..  I have bought about 3 semi loads full of it and sold on ebay and even
    I will give you the source below..  If you want to pursue it, I can guide you through it..  You will definitely need about $1000+ just to buy the product, as you are buying a pallet full of product at a time..  Generally, it is wise to buy 3 pallets full at a time..
    You can have even someone work for you and go through it..  That is how I did it...  I can show you how to do it correctly.
    You have to have a business (an EIN - Employer Identification Number) to buy their stuff.. 
    Where to get virtually every name brand item you see in stores for about 1/4 of the regular in store price.
    The main company to buy from for that is:
    They are the main logistics provider for VIRTUALLY EVERY CHAIN STORE IN AMERICA and some in the UK and Canada and Australia
    So, they are kind of big.  And I have bought $250,000 worth of product from them, so I know how it exactly works, how much you will make, what to avoid, all the steps to getting setup, etc.
    You will make double to triple what you paid, because people on ebay pay about 65% of the regular store prices (from various calculations I have done in the past over thousands of products).

    Anthony W.

    --- On Fri, 9/26/08, Trudy Dennehy <> wrote:
    From: Trudy Dennehy <>
    Subject: RE: Saledaddy Ebook Business
    To: "'Anthony W.'" <>
    Date: Friday, September 26, 2008, 4:20 PM

    Hi Tony:


    It was a pleasure speaking with you.  I would like to set up my business with your wholesale product #11 Ebay Powerseller Business Training sources, full setup, also, How to make 100 per hour using my guide ( the content of information states cost $10.00 you show a price of $19.95) might need a correction.  Plus 400 Childrenís Learning games software, book CD.  I am open to any suggestions you have for items to sell.  I realize marketing is key to selling any product.  I have the time to invest in creative methods as opposed to spending a lot for advertising.  My computer skills are 5 on a scale of 1-10, but Iím smart and learn quickly.  I do not want to work for anyone and would be happy earning between 1500-2000 per week selling items through my computer.  So far, I have set up an eBay  and paypal account.  I will also set up the others you suggested over the weekend.

    I wondered if you intend selling childrenís toys or holiday gift giving items?  Have you had success with that?

    Thank you for your help.

    Warmest regards,


    The Roadblocks Many Encounter When Selling Online

      1. Its really hard to find a decent supplier.
      2. And when you find one, they cost too much to make a profit.
      3. Or, you are required to buy 100+ items just to make a decent profit.
      4. Also, trying to avoid bad product when doing trial and error.

      The good news is I have done all this work for you. Matter of fact, I don't even mind giving you my suppliers' products right now, without payment. Why would I do that? Well, I make a little money on each item you sell and I know they are good items.

      So, if you are interested in having access to weekly product updates from my suppliers, just sign up for my newsletter below. Please also put in your phone number, if you would like for me to contact you and answer any questions you may have or explain how the dropship system works.

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