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  • Hi Jeanne-Marie,
    Thanks for writing..
    There are many many types of ebooks, but I would recommend a different approach, partially, than the one you had in mind.
    With ebay and selling on the internet, its all about the marketing.
    And one of the main tenets of marketing is reverse engineering or deducing what is best to sell, how your competitors are so successful, etc..
    SO, my suggestion is:
    1. Find out what kind of ebooks currently sell well on ebay that are of interest to you and then put together your own package of ebooks on that topic.
    2. From experience, I know that with ebooks, this is generally how you know which ebooks will be popular:
    A. Anything that saves you a good amount of money.
    B. Anything that saves you a good amount of time.
    C. Anything that gives you more freedom in your life.
    D. Anything that can give you something that is hard to obtain or acheive or buy.
    E. And of course, anything that can help you make good money.
    The logic behind this makes sense once you think about it for a bit..
    Basically, you are finding a need and filling it..  The little needs are not as relevant to pursue, as they will not make you enough money to supplement your income..
    The needs or desires that are bigger, those are the ones you want to fill.
    Now, this leads me to another point..  When marketing an ebook, you want to stress the benefits more than the features..  The benefits would be essentially how this ebook will meet those needs..
    For instance, these are some common desires/needs:
    1. More of a sense of freedom.
    2. More time to spend with family.
    3. More money to buy the things you want.
    4. Etc.
    Actually, probably for you, the best thing would be to think of some of the aspirations or desires you have had and sell ebooks on that topic or topics..
    For instance, one thing men like is to watch sports on TV..  So, I sell an "informational product" on how to turn your regular TV into a bigscreen TV..
    Now, a normal bigscreen TV costs a ton of money.. Thousands of dollars.. What I have devised is an informational product that gets them the effect of a bigscreen TV projector for a price under $100 bucks.  I send them the plans and lens for $15 bucks and they go to the store and buy the supplies I tell them to buy to build it.
    Of course, its work, but what it does is it follows the pattern I mentioned above.. It helps them achieve something that was not easily possible..   Either you would need a lot of money or time or something to get a Bigscreen TV..
    Well, it might not make much sense at this point, but I am leading you down a path to where you can make a lot of money off one "ebook" or "informational product".
    With the example I gave above of the "bigscreen projector kit", I have made about $75,000 in profit over 3 years time..
    So, what I am showing you is how I come up with such a product and then go about marketing it..  I am showing you the logic behind this.
    The point is, if I just give you ebooks and do not tell you how to market, its like "good luck"..   So, you are building on a good idea to bank on a good idea, rather than putting up 100's of ebooks and not have a clue how to sell them and pray some money comes in..
    The only reason there are get rich quick schemes, is because you have sellers who do not care about their buyers or the quality of what they are selling.

    The reason it occurs is based on the fact that selling is 75% marketing..
    So, if you have a good product and do not know how to sell, you will not sell anything.
    But, if you have a bad product and know how to sell, you can sell just as much as if you had a good product and knew how to market..
    So, it comes down to greed on the part of the seller..

    Jeanne-Marie Carson <> wrote:

    Hi Tony -

    I've subscribed through Paypal and have my password & login to your website.
    I'll start looking through it this weekend.

    You asked what I would like to do/sell on ebay. My end goal is to supplement
    my current income. I'd love to be able to eventually work for myself
    full-time but that is not an immediate goal. I would like to sell ebooks -
    not the get rich quick schemes - but actual information that people would be
    interested in and can use as well as fiction (public domain stuff) and
    ebooks written by a friend of mine. I will also be selling tangible products
    to help my mom. She just retired from teaching and has about 75-80 boxes of
    children's books and teaching materials she wants to sell. If selling those
    items goes well, I'd consider selling other tangible items as well.

    I decided to pursue your auction and business because of your username and
    the website. I am a Christian and I don't want to rip people
    off by selling get rich schemes or by violating other people's copyrights. I
    have been working in finance/accounting for more than 12 years for tech
    companies but have limited experience with business on the internet so I
    don't really know where to start when it comes to running an internet based



    ----Original Message Follows----
    From: "Erin W."
    Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 12:00:58 -0400

    Hi Jeanne-Marie,
    Thank you for purchasing my ebook business and personal coaching to help you
    get your ebay sales/business going..
    Before I can give you access to my website(ebook biz & selling strategies),
    you need to obtain your username and password at the link below:

    Also, please contact me( at any time, when you want
    to start the coaching.  What I will need from you on your first email is
    basically a rundown of what you would like to do/sell on eBay.  Give me your
    ideas for what you would like to do and I will help you with getting
    If you have any questions about your order, please write me at
    As stated above, please send All future e-mails to:

    Tony W.
    CEO, Inc.

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    O'REILLY: Yes, but ... Don't you see my business point here? ... the state of Calif .. is forcing me to hire people that may be detrimental to my business.
    LIS WIEHL: appearance shouldn't matter. When you're selling bibles.
    O'REILLY: Ms. Rivers, you understand ... better than Lis because she went to Harvard Law School, and that disqualifies her from common sense.

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