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  • Hi Dale,
    You have to always ensure you are reading the Bible correctly..  Which I think is not something the church has exactly a stranglehold on..   And I don't mean the conservative churches necessarily either.. 
    I don't think there is one "denomination" that exactly has it right.. 
    Never heard of this organization..  I just make money online and don't join such organizations.. 
    I think you will find, if you do business online, that Christians don't have a stranglehold on morality in business either..
    I have seen many who take advantage of good Christians, by saying they are Christian to get your trust and then backstabbing you later..

    You would be surprised..  Even some big Christian companies..

    Anthony W.

    --- On Sat, 10/18/08, Daylen Brewer <> wrote:
    From: Daylen Brewer <>
    Subject: E Book business.
    Date: Saturday, October 18, 2008, 8:41 PM


    Your Christian site intrigues me. I am heavily into God's Word but one cannot be to careful.  Would you agree?  I have only one question?  Are you members of ECFA (Evangelical Counsel For Financial Accountability?)

    Thank You.

    Dale Brewer

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