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  • Hi,
    1. Name which topic for the ebooks and I will send you some (if I have)..
    2. You can do it on ebay and off..  The best way to do it is with my methods, starting on ebay first, and then after the ad is successful on ebay, branch out to your own website..   I can teach you the ropes..  But, i will need to know a couple ebooks you think you would like to start out selling (or atleast a topic of the ebook)..
    I would not put ebooks in your store..  The store does not have much traffic in of itself..  It is sort of only good if you have many items up for auction..  Then, you link to store items that relate to your auction items.
    For instance, you have a guitar up for sale and have a graphic link to some strings, a gig bag or some other related item in your store..  Or even maybe another color of the guitar for the same model (to save money that way)..
    1. My way.. I show you the methods I use and top sellers use..  You only have a handful of ebooks and try to make $50+ a day off each..  Start on ebay and branch out to your website..
    2. The standard way..  Slap hundreds of ebooks on your website and ebay and hope it works..
    I can show you either one..  Which would you like to do?

    Anthony W.

    --- On Sat, 10/18/08, Clayborne Entertainment <> wrote:
    From: Clayborne Entertainment <>
    Subject: Re: ref links..
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Saturday, October 18, 2008, 6:34 AM

    1.Can i request for more ebooks
    2.I want to start a ebook business on ebay and off, do you think it's worth
    it and if it is, how many ebooks should i put in my store?
    Clayborne Entertainment, Inc.  Mark Clayborne  CEO / President

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