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  • Hi,
    1. Perhaps in some of these below there could be some ebooks on those topics:
    Virtual Library - 2000 eBooks, Programs & More
    e-Download File Sales Strategies/Tips eBay Ad Description
    FreeToSell - 6000 Free eBooks & Guide
    e-Download File Sales Strategies/Tips eBay Ad Description
    There maybe a couple others like the last two above, where there are multiple ebooks in one download..
    2. The title is most important to the search and very rarely does someone click the check box to search the description..  So, the title has to have the most relevant keywords.. 

    What are the most relevant ones?  Put yourself in your customer's shoes.  What would you type into the search box?  Also, consider, they could type in something not exactly related, however it could be they see your ad and want it..  So think of any words like this and then brainstorm which ones are more popular..  The most popular ones should be in the title.
    3. You know..  A lot of 5 Xbox 360's..  A lot of 10 games..  etc..   So type in "Lot" on ebay and you should see some examples.. 
    4. Sure..  Just send me a link or put it in the email itself..
    5. Goto Google images and type in ebook collection or ebook..   See here..

    Anthony W.

    --- On Mon, 10/20/08, Clayborne Entertainment <> wrote:
    From: Clayborne Entertainment <>
    Subject: Re: ref links..
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Monday, October 20, 2008, 5:45 AM

    1.Do you have any more ebooks on the following topics, getting out of debt,
    credit repair, bankruptcy, any business related ebooks, building wealth.
    2.when you say make sure your title is keyworded, what do you mean? do you need
    to keyword the description also?
    3.what are buying lots, and how can i view lots to buy on ebay?
    4.can i send you my ad for review before i list it?
    5. i noticed one ad is selling ebooks and he is doing well.  the image he has
    on his ad is a bunddle of ebooks, it looks like a complete system. how can i get
    a image of alot of ebooks all together like a package?
    Clayborne Entertainment, Inc.  Mark Clayborne  CEO / President

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