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  • Hi,
    FIRST, your ad was probably yanked by peers..  About 1/2 of my ads are yanked eventually.   Some are never yanked..
    People just go through and click the "flag" link and you are flagged..

    Unless it says your ad was canceled in some abnormal manner, it likely was just flagged..
    Ebay sets of red lights in some people's minds much faster than if it was on your website..
    1. You could literally take the page where you buy it from me at and change around the price and also change the email address in the paypal codes to be your paypal email address..
    For instance, this ad here:

    Save the HTML file, change the paypal code details..  So that it has your Paypal email address and change the price where needed..
    THEN, when you get the payment, come to me and pay me on this page:
    So, make sure you are charging right price..
    You then just upload the ad to your website..  Make sure it looks and works right before putting the link in craigslist..
    Anthony W.

    --- On Tue, 10/21/08, Reuben Rodrigues <> wrote:
    From: Reuben Rodrigues <>
    Subject: RE: FW: SaleDaddy Pro Ebook Business
    To: "'Anthony W.'" <>
    Cc: "'Reuben Rodrigues'" <>
    Date: Tuesday, October 21, 2008, 2:55 PM

    OK. Im attaching an ad  (Verse Master Bible) I put in albuquerque Craigs list a few days ago it was meant to send ppl to my ebay listing.....and then they yanked it the next day...said I violated policy ?????  
    I posted it to Posted to cds / dvds / vhs on albuquerque craigslist
    anyway....I saw your ad in Albuquerque Craigslist the following day for the same product and I saw that you forwarded it instead to your website......      
    in my ad, I had just added a link to my Ebay listing....   maybe a website is a better option ???    I have the site up on freewebs just dont know how to use "your website" zip file to design this freewebs site?
    Anyway, not sure why Craigslist yanked it...i know it was very long but I did state that the location of the product was in your state....maybe thats what made them pull it.  Man they didnt waste time....
    anyway here are the answers to your previous questions of me regarding which single Ebook product I can focus on for now:
    1. Pick a Topic:                                    Making money on EBay
    2. Build Compilation: package it             I will need your help on this one.    BTW, burning copies onto a simple cd discs is easy I just copy the pdf file onto the blank cd.  thats it !! 
    3. How are you going to sell it?              I want to sell it On CD thru Ebay and also as a downloaded PDF file from my freeweb website.(again just need to know how to design the freeweb site w/your web design.)                  Im very comfortable using both craigslist and google adwords to drive to the freewebsite.    No problem......if I can just figure out how not to get kicked off Craigslist  hahaha
    4. Follow my directions:                        I will use method #1
    I did test the digital download and it is working great for all the files I have uploaded onto my freewebs website:$750inyoursparetime.pdf
    Summary of what I need:
    • Help building compilation package (I am taking your advice and focusing on "one" solid product and get it producing using method #1.  I probably listed 8-10 wholesale items in the last 2 weeks with no sales to speak of.   Im going to take a few steps back and "go back to basics"       your basics....
    • when you put them on CD do you spend a lot of money on prettied up packaging?  or do you simply burn the pdf file onto the cd for as many as you need..then maybe laserscribe a label on the disk and then send it in a plain jane  cd package?
    • also..since I have the freeweb website up and running as you suggested its just not designed to sell ebooks in fact it has no design at I have uploaded quite a few of your digital ebooks on  the server there already as well as your websites all colors...How do I utilize one of those uploaded websites say the blue one, to design the freewebs website???  really the same question as above
    if youre wondering, I just happened to have a dormant LLC called On-Q

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