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  • Hi Matt,

    You can just put your book on a CD and ship it by mail and then it is not an ebook anymore and you can sell it freely with no problems (on ebay or anywhere).. 
    So, you can put the ebook on a CD and sell it that way..  Its not too difficult..
    Ebay doesn't answer questions by email.  They send you automated canned responses and sometimes sarcastically..  They are pointless to email 9 times out of 10..
    You can just ask me some of your questions.. I know ebay well..
    So, if you have the ebook, there are easy ways to put it on a CD..  You just need some autorun files and then it will open up the ebook, etc..
    What type of ebook is it?   PDF?   or something else? 
    Can you send me the ebook?

    Anthony W.

    --- On Mon, 10/27/08, Matt Mclenithan <> wrote:
    From: Matt Mclenithan <>
    Subject: RE:
    To: "'Anthony W.'" <>
    Date: Monday, October 27, 2008, 12:17 AM

    Iím sorry. We canít register the web site until Iím able to have the book ready for download. The book is done but e-bay has been telling me that they donít allow e-books any more. Amazon said they will allow them but I need to prove I have the digital rights Iíve e-mailed them and stated that this was my self help manual and I wasnít selling a published work by someone else. They gave me a link to e-mail questions in regards to this matter. Iíve e-mailed them 3 times on what they require but no one will tell me. This is my book and I donít know why this is so difficult. Do you have any suggestions??


    God Bless,

    Matthew McLenithan

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