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  • Hi Mark,

    I am wondering if you are new to selling online, or have you been doing it for a while?  
    Assuming you are new to selling online: I understand your ideas, however, I do not think that is the most efficient route.  Meaning, it is far easier to start on ebay first, as you have traffic there, and that is one less variable. Also, you are able to look at past history to quantify if your items are selling efficiently.

    THEN, after you have it selling good on ebay, you put it on your website (as you have proven it is now a good advertisement and all is well).  THEN, all you need is traffic to your website..
    If you stick it on your website first, you are basically in the dark as to whether it is your traffic or ad..  Also, you could waste money on traffic for a bad ad..
    WE CAN do it your way, if you want, HOWEVER, I would suggest against it..   Its your choice, though..
    Generally, the progression for the training goes as follows.. 
    1. Really new sellers, I suggest they start by selling my dropship items, as their ads are already well tested and efficient in making sales..  I have them generally put it on ebay, their website, or other auction sites..  This way, you can get your feet wet, doing some sales and getting the hang of it.. 
    2. The next step is to show you how top sellers sell ebooks..  Which is likely a lot different than you have learned in the past..  Instead of putting up 100's of ebooks on your website or ebay, I show you how to make good money with a few ebooks..  One at a time to make $50+ a day with each one..  3. From there, we can go to more advanced things..  Name brand product, selling services, etc..
    I am "guessing" new to selling online.  If I am wrong, we can start on 2 or 3.. 
    Username: ********
    Password: ********
    I would say to get your feet wet, the best place to start would be to sell some of my dropship items..  I just created this program..  While selling some of it, I can coach you on how to setup your own informational products, one by one (idea is to have quality ones setup, not slap hundreds up)..   ALSO, best place to email me is
    Dropship How To Manual:
    Dropship Items:
    Ad Materials for Products:
    I would like to help you sell ebooks correctly..   What is the idea?  With my methods the idea is to take one product and maximize the marketing and sales so you make $50+ a day with it..  SO, instead of selling 1000's of ebooks, you sell only a handful..    And the idea to make hundreds a day off a few ebooks..  
    This is how the top sellers do it.. 

    Anthony W.

    --- On Tue, 11/11/08, Permac Pty Ltd <> wrote:
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    Subject: Fw: SaleDaddy Pro Ebook Business
    Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2008, 4:30 PM


    ]I'm sending this from my office so email address is different].
    Basically I was looking to set a website and sell ebooks. I have purchased several on finance issues and hoped to set it up using paypal for payments with automatic download of ebooks. I would add ebooks as I purchase them.
    Was not intending to sell on eBay preferring to set up own site. For this I would need to establish a domain name which I'm still to do.
    Mark Bryant

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