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  • Hi,
    I would say to do this..
    1. I was looking through Genco and it doesn't look bad, however, you don't know the bid till the last second..   So, maybe it is high?  Have you been bidding and people out bid you? 
    The problem is it is exactly that time of year to buy..  For Christmas sales..  So, more people bidding right now..
    I would bid on powertools and those type of pallets..  They seem to be the best money makers to me..
    2. Try to find higher priced items to sell .  That is why I mentioned powertools.  Maybe find higher priced digital items, physical items, services, etc..  For instance, I think my Forex software does best sales in Christmas (Generally December)..  I noticed it last year..  So, maybe stick up a bunch of Forex auctions near the end of the year to make a bunch of money.
    3. There is Forex trading..  You could try that out..  There are some EAs that are very high rate of return (but have more risk)..  The trick is to manage risk with them..  Meaning, look at it as a cash flow system, instead of a nest egg..   That is what I am currently working on..  I will be putting about $8k into it and getting it up to about $10k and then taking out like $2.5k a month from it.  Then, gradually get it up to $20k and then take $5k out a month in profits..

    Anthony W.

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