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  • Hi,
    Yes, they do.  However, they made it more complicated than usual..
    Meaning, they decided to be "jerks" and force you to put it in classified ad format for it to be listed on ebay as purely digital ebook product..  Also, they force you into one category..
    For a person who knows a lot about ebay, that means, they are trying to screw you out of making money with ebooks..
    However, it only took me about 2 minutes to think of about 6 workarounds at the time I found out about this "new" rule, which they threw on us and gave us about 1 week to adjust for..
    If you sell purely digital form, they want you to use "classified ad" format, which means, you can not directly sell it as an auction, but rather, you are collecting people via contact (as you would when you are selling a house, etc)..  So, you are getting emails from people interested and then would have to invoice them outside ebay..
    My straight forward and best work around was basically putting them on CDs.. 
    I would only sell expensive ebooks, $10 to $900..  And I don't mean ebooks, per se, but "digital items"..
    So, I would sell guides, ebooks, software, automated programs, etc.. 
    The $900 was for Forex currency software.. 
    I designed a dropship program where i allow you to sell the items I used to sell on ebay..  I don't actually sell on ebay anymore, however, I used to make about a quarter million a year in sales with these items on ebay.. literally.
    Now, you can sell them for the exact same prices I used to sell them for.. However, what it is is a bunch of "digital type items" that I put on CDs..  So, when you sell it, you then go buy it from me for about half price and I ship it to your customers..

    How to Manual for Dropship items:
    Ad Materials for listing the items on ebay or other auction websites:
    How it Works and an Example:
    Where you go to buy it from me after customer pays:

    Anthony W.

    --- On Thu, 11/27/08, Lerena Holloway <> wrote:
    From: Lerena Holloway <>
    Subject: Re: CB Sale: SALEDADDY-1 #XEQMFTWT
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Thursday, November 27, 2008, 4:41 PM

    Hello again, I started looking through the tutorial.  I instantly have one question...will ebay allow ebooks to be sold online?  I was looking through some auctions and people have specified to ebay that they were not selling downloadable items...they had to stress that their customer would recieve a tangible product.  Are we supposed to sell ebooks on ebay through your program?

    On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 9:14 PM, Lerena Holloway <> wrote:
    Hello, thank you for your product.  I have a question regarding the link on the download Ebook website option.  When I click on the blue or magenta options it shows up as invalid.  I can't open these files.  How would I go about getting the actual website set up?

    Thank you,

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