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  • Hi Laurel,
    It is actually a pretty decent ad, but I would like to point out a couple things..  
    1. Maybe trim the first, second and third paragraphs into one paragraph..  The reason is because we have only a few seconds to keep a customers attention and you want to get right to why they want to buy your ebook.  Currently, your first pitch is on the fourth paragraph.. 
    There is a balance.  The first part, which you accomplished, is to relate to the customer, which is what the first through third paragraphs are.  This is necessary, but remember, the general pull of an ad only lasts a few seconds, so you want to get the pitch in also right after the relating to the customer.
    2. Where you wrote "In this ebook you will discover", there are two alternate things you could do.  One, is to color it other than black, such as red or blue, so it stands out and then number the general points underneath it and keep them colored in a color different than the subtitle.  Also, you might want to consider bolding and italicizing some of the words in the general points.  For instance:
             How babies sleep - divided into sections from 0-36 months- Super Important and Interesting!
    Really grabs your attention putting bold and italic on certain key words and phrases.
    If you number them, like this, it will make it look more valuable, I believe:
    1         How babies sleep - divided into sections from 0-36 months- Super Important and Interesting!
    2         Babies sleep phases & rhythms
    3         Why your baby won't sleep
    4         If your baby will ever settle
    Something to this effect so the can see just how much you are offering..
    On ALL the things included in the eBook, the more you can elaborate underneath them, the better..  For instance:
    1         How babies sleep - divided into sections from 0-36 months- Super Important and Interesting!
    2         Babies sleep phases & rhythms - Learn how to work in sync with your babies phases, to make your job much easier!
    3         Why your baby won't sleep - How to understand why and when your baby will not sleep and ...
    4         If your baby will ever settle - ....
    Also, same goes for the bonus section.  Elaborate as much as you can on each point..  It FIRST points out a benefit to the customer and second makes it look like they are getting a lot for their money..
    Another tip would be to use bigger fonts in some places and bolding to make the words more clear and seeable..
    I would go through the whole ad and doing bolding or italics on relevant points and phrases..
    Now, this might seem like a curveball I am throwing at you, but I would like you to consider some marketing ideas..
    FIRST, I would look to find items SIMILAR that have sold in the past on eBay.  It does NOT have to be the exact same, just related.
    Find the ones related that sold for the highest price..  Here is an example search you should do on eBay to locate such auctions:
    NOW, I can tell you looking, not many sell such a product on eBay.. 
    And, I did a search and it looks like all the baby ebooks sell for around $3 to $4 bucks.  See here:
    Like I said, I don't want to throw you a curveball, but this is what I suggest:
    1. Look through some of the baby type books, information items on eBay. 
    2. Find the one that sells at the highest price..
    3. Find an eBook you can sell like the one that sells for the highest price..
    Now, if I were you, I would take THIS ONE you made here and I would sell it as the ALL ASPECTS of BABY EBOOK, which a better title than that, of course..
    Kind of like this auction:
    It SOUNDS like your eBook is essentially the same..
    SO, I would change your ad to be focused on advertising all of the bonus material as the main material..  So, evenly advertise all the bonus materials with the baby sleeping materials as an overall aspects for your baby eBook..
    THEN, sell it for $5 to $10 bucks..  You might be able to get $10 bucks if you can think of something valueable to ad onto the end..  Something that would seem valuable and would save mothers money!

    Laurel Nissen <> wrote:

    Ok- I have attached my Sales Ad for you to review. Thanks again


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