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  • Found it.. 
    The link to your store is: 
    Did you buy a load of clothes returns from some chain store?  On a pallet?  I see you have a lot of clothes selling..
    All I see is one store item for the TV projector kit..
    Did you do any auctions or just one store item? 
    MAN, if you did just this store item and sold one that aint bad..  5 cent store item..
    1. Put an auction at the top of the page..  Before you do so, revise the title a bit and send me your idea on how to do it.. 
    It will cost you $25 bucks, but if you do it right, you will get probably about 6 sales on average.. 
    OR ACTUALLY, if you don't want to try that yet, try just putting a border around it and don't put at top of the page..  It will cost about $8 bucks and you should get a few sales on it..  Dutch aution, bordered.
    The smaller would be a good way to practice before the big..
    1. Sometimes the company images can be obtained rather than taking your own pictures.  I have been able to do it with MANY products..  Check out this link..  I noticed that you can sell more when you use these type of pictures from the brand:
    Basically, you could type in the name of the shirt, pants, etc and find the picture and use it in the ad.  An idea..
    2. Another idea, which works with some products is to slide some of the price into the shipping costs..  So, if the shipping cost is $4.99 and the price is $14.99, you just move a couple dollars from the price to the shipping, so:  $12.99 + $6.99 S&H..
    I sell more with most products when I do this..  Not all, but most.. Not sure, though, about clothes..  Just remember to keep your mind open..
    I have one of the anchor $500 stores..  I use my store, as you guys do.  I wanted to share my method.. Maybe it will be helpful, maybe not..
    Basically, what I do is put an item up in auction.  If it does not sell after a couple listings, I automatically put it in the store..  Generally 3 listings, but with some items, I let it go longer. 
    Half of my auctions are currently in the store.. 
    Thats how I balance store and auction items..  Store items are items that did not sell quickly for me..  I let them all run on the auction first, though..
    Just some ideas..

    Teresa Fredrickson <> wrote:
    300. a month. I could handle that. It is at "Terilyn's Treasures".

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