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  • Hi Michael,
    I am sorry you had so much trouble contacting me..  The idea is to just write me here..  Do not write to anywhere but
    1)  Selling is 75% how your advertise..  That is why you hear of people selling snake oil and making lots of money..  So, the product only needs to be decent, not excellent..  These eBooks serve the purpose..  People do not realize this and assume that the sale is 75% the product, which is wrong..
    To give you a question, "Can you make a better hamburger than McDonalds?" 
    Of course you can..  But, its not about the burger.  It is about the sales and marketing system.  McDonald's has a superior marketing and location setup for selling burgers..  If you make a better burger, but don't know how to market, your dead..
    So, selling is 75% your marketing and only 25% product..
    2) You do not have to write the ads.  The ads are on my website and if you pick an eBook that doesn't have a full description, I can give you the rest, very easily, through email.
    Here is the link for obtaining descriptions and eBooks and images:
    If you have any trouble viewing the materials, just write back here.  There are some alternate browsers and also Internet Browser setttings that can cause trouble reading the page..
    3) An eBay Store or Shop is not necessarily needed at first..  I would suggest it, though, once you have sales going pretty good..  Stores are good for putting items that do not necessarily sell fast (not in huge demand).  I generally put items that do not sell after a few times into my store..  The store is cheap to list in, only 5 cents to list an item in your store..  But, you have to have traffic and presence for those items to sell in the stores, that is why I recommend waiting until you have some sales up and running good..
    4) Marketing software sells good if you market it correctly..
    Basically, eBay is just about marketing..  If you know how to sell, you make the money..
    That is why I am here..  I am here to help you learn how to sell.
    For, even though you can set up the structure and system for automated eBook sales, the problem, often is knowing how to sell.  
    The system is only about 25% of the whole thing, as remember 75% of it is marketing and your strategy..
    I give VERY good advice here for selling eBooks: 
    For automating everything, refer to these pages:
    Also, automation for eBook delivery, refer to this eBay page..  You basically put the eBook on your server space (upload by FTP to your server space).  One company you can buy space from is .  For FTP, just type "WS FTP" into and you should find a page to download it from..  I can help you with setup, if you need help..  THEN, once you have the eBook uploaded, you can put the link to the eBook in your auction when you are creating it, per guidelines here:
    5) Books are a good place to start..  Actually, a lot of people start with garage sales.  I am guessing you do this in England as here..  In the summer, all the women here go out to garage sales..  Pardon the generalization, my wife does this, all the time..
    Basically, you can get really good deals in garage sales, atleast here in the USA..  Also, we have publications where people are selling stuff locally, where you call them and can buy.. 
    I remember when I started at the very first on eBay.  I called some elderly woman and bought a bunch of old books..  Made good money on them.. 
    There is also many other (TONS) of sources I have learned along the way.  FOR INSTANCE, how to buy name brand product cheap..  Basically, they are customer returns for chain stores.  You know, walmart, best Buy, Sams, Costco, etc.. All these stores and which ever are in the UK, have returns, which they sell for about 25% of the wholesale cost.. 
    You can turn around and sell them for easily double what you paid..
    If interested in how to buy these, just ask..  But, you will have to spend a few hundred GBP atleast just to get some..  They come on pallets, so you will need to buy atleast one pallet and one pallet is easily 300 GBP..

    Michael McKay <> wrote:
    hi tony, hopefully the following information will give you something to work
    on and in turn get us started. i've just broke my response into questions,
    as follows:

    1) are there more ebooks in my purchase or is this it? some of these seem
    quite dated, do they sell?

    2) do i have to write all of the adds for the ebooks as i was under the
    impression from your add that the business was complete and 'ready to go'?

    3) what do i do first; get an ebay shop or set up automated emails/ebook
    sales? much advice needed here as i'm a novice!!!

    4) i have some 'marketing' software that i got as freebies on various JV
    giveaways;will these sell and if so how would i list them in my shop? ( some
    examples are: "making money online made easy"; "beginners guide to adsense";
    "confessions of an adsense girl" etc.)

    5) i was also thinking of selling books? what you think?

    6) can you advise me on other items to sell that would be profitable?

    7) i have an opportunity to sell some powertools that i can get from a local
    store. the profit would average 10-15% plus profit on postage. what do you

    8) i'd like to have seperate 'aisles' for my store; an area for ebooks, one
    for books, one for marketing software, one for powertools. is this possible?

    9) my aim for turnover is $500 per month (months 1-3); $750 p/m (months
    3-6); and $1000 p/m (months 6+). is this realistic?

    10) how soon can i get started as i'm busting to go?!!!!!!!!

    thanks for your help,

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