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  • Hi Dave,
    Don't listen to those who say the sales will drop in summer.
    From my experience, I would actually say the opposite. 
    I have had times where my sales dropped around Christmas!!!! 
    No Joke! 
    So, it depends on what you sell and how you sell it.  Some items might be sort of seasonal.
    The idea is to spend the time and money upfront to tweak.  Treat it like its a lab experiment.  Watch your sales from each method and take note of your profit.. 
    You and I both know staying in the same place is not the solution as you will just have the same profit level.  But, getting out and doing some trial and error could yield you evenually double or triple what you were making.. 
    To me, it is always worth it.. 
    Right now, I think I am done tweaking my 75% wholesale list.  It works nicely now..  It took me a few weeks, or maybe a month total but it was worth it..
    Check it out, as it is a really odd item to sell.  I would have customers buy it for $99.95, BUT they would not read what they were buying and eventually they would want a refund.  As it is just information on how to buy cheap, I would had a chargeback and was not too happy about it.
    So, I lowered the price to around $50 bucks..  It was a really odd thing I had to do, but LITERALLY I was getting customers who were so lazy, they would not read almost one word of my auction!  
    So, lowering it to $50 bucks, my theory was, if they are too lazy to read and are only motivated when a $100 bucks is spent, maybe they would be too lazy to do a chargeback on $50..  It looks like I am right.

    The idea is I had mainly customers who read the auction..  Then, I had a sizable fraction that did not read it and still bought it.  The auction has warning labels ALL over it, but they would not read it..  So, I don't want to deal with their chargebacks and them wasting my auctions on eBay fees, so I did this step to secure less chargebacks..
    NOW, my auctions seem to be fluid and seem to have minimal problems..  Its odd solution, but it worked..
    Now, I am working on my domain name sales.  I have NEVER sold domain names before and they are DEFINITELY a different beast..  I am trying to tame it and I am on like my 3rd or 4th idea..
    I think this idea will work, but I thought my last 2 or 3 ideas would work also..  The funny thing is my first idea worked better than my second idea.. 
    Now I am waiting for this third idea to play out..  I HOPE it will work.
    But, if it doesn't, I already have a fourth idea brewing in my mind. .

    I know this for a fact..  There is always a way to make a product in demand fluid..  
    How do I know this?  Well, I know it is something that people want to buy and if people want to buy it, there is always going to be some way to make sales fluid in getting it to them..  There are only so many ways to sell something, so eventually, I will figure it out..
    Thats my theory and so far, I have been right to my knowledge.  If there is a demand, there is a way to make it fluid in sales..
    I can't wait to figure out this domain name one!!!! 
    I will have a very sizable extra monthly net at the end of the month that I can use to fill up my account and pay off debt and maybe sponsor some missionaries or charity..  My main goal for now..

    DAVE RICE <> wrote:

    Well it is definately a work in progress for me. It looks like I have a lot of
    tweaking to do. I also have a group of people in my industry that say that my
    sales will drop to nothing in the Summer months. This really does not make any
    sense to me as ebay still has a lot of traffic every day of the year although
    I understand that Monday is the highest traffic day of the week.

    Anyway I will keep listing and keep tuning and it will increase as I go.

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