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  • Hi.
    Sounds like a good answer..
    The Bible software was my very first step into the business world..  A good step, but I believe it was mainly because God had my back. 
    Making product to sell is a tricky deal.  It can be rewarding, but also discouraging, depending on your success. 
    I would look at it this way..  If you know good product to sell, why make it? 
    I guess its like having another link in the chain.  The chain is only as strong as the weakest link.  So, if you have trouble making something, or selling it, it will make your odds worse.
    I would say buy good product and then you only have to deal with your selling capability..
    AND actually, now we are on that topic.  It is WISE to first figure out what sells good and then go buy it.  Rather than buying it and assuming it will sell good.
    Many make this mistake..
     - OR -
    eBay Wholesale Lots.
    Not sure if you noticed my articles on Salvage/Returns, but the point is you can buy name brand product that are either returns or overstocks from Chain stores for 25% of wholesale!!! 
    YES, that cheap..  AND yes some of it is essentially brand new..  About 80% of it is in good to excellent condition.  Common things you would see is a TV missing the remote.  A TV with a crack on the plastic.  Or a perfectly working TV not in original box.  Items you can buy are MANY.  Here is just a short list..  home theater systems, radios, TVs, miter saws, PS2 or other game consoles, refridgerators, dvd players, stereos, etc.. 
    Basically, anything you see in the store, you can get..  You can get name brand clothes, hardware, electronics, household items, etc..
    AND, all of it at around 25% to 30% of the wholesale price..
    So, for instance, lets say you have a home theater system that sells for $400 in stores..
    You could get it for about 30% of $300 (wholesale price) = $90..
    So, $90 bucks is what you would pay..  75% of the time it is in great condition..
    Sells for $200 on ebay, easy..
    Thats basically from my experience buying and selling this type of stuff..
    Will tell you RIGHT NOW where I got most of mine from..  This source is worth a TON:
    Genco Salvage Auctions..  They specialize primarily in Sears and companies owned by Sears (JC Pennies, etc)..
    You have to have a business ID and sign and fax a huge contract and then you get a username and password and can start bidding on their auctions..
    Auctions for pallets..  $500 easy for one pallet.  Easy 15 or more items..
    Usually, 15 for $500 is pretty normal..  So, if you see a pallet full of something small like camcorders, its going to be expensive to bid on! 
    But, TVs, dvd players, etc is usually pretty big and they get about 15 on a pallet..
    Try to win with a bid that doesn't go over 30%..  Generally, the stuff sells for about 63% of wholesale on eBay..
    Occassionally, you will get a killer pallet that will sell for even as high as 78% of the wholesale on eBay..
    eBay Wholesale Lots is another method, which I use a lot..
    Basically, you just buy lots of 2, 3, 10, 20, 100 of some item and turn around and sell them individually on eBay..  I do this.. Look at some of my auctions..  They are usually pretty ovious as I have more than 1 of it up..
    There are tons of these "lots" on eBay.. I can send you a cool search later that will show some, if you want..
    Tony wrote:
    It makes sense to me to go with
    1. Sell higher priced items. It is very discouraging to spend alot of time for peanuts. 
    What about creating my own items to sell? 
     Is that what you did with the Bible software?
    I actually came across your web site quite a while ago.
    I think I am interested in your software or other ideas.
    Thank you for your time.

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