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  • Hi Matt,
    Outdoors, possibly hunting/sports supplies, right?
    What do you think about buying overstock/returns from a chain store like Dicks Sporting Goods, Gander Mountain, Mc Sporting Goods?
    Basically, all chain stores have overstock, closeouts and returns.  I often would buy them from Sears..
    Generally, these chain stores will sell it all to companies that specialize in selling salvage items to people like us..
    The prices are usually about 30% of wholesale.. 
    I am not sure how many Sporting Goods stores are in the United States, so it might be moderate to difficult to find these companies that would sell the returns..
    If this sounds like something of interest to you, I can help you locate these type companies..
    When I say 30% of wholesale, I mean something to the effect of:
    Lets say a backpack costs $30 bucks in the store..  The wholesale price is $20 bucks..
    You would pay 30% of $20, or $6 for it.. 
    Then, usually, from my experience, you can turn around and sell it on eBay for about 63% of the wholesale price..  That is from averages I have taken over time..
    So, you would pay like 30% and turn around and sell for slightly more than double what you paid..
    NOW, you would have to buy pallets full of items..  Generally, there are anywhere from 2 to 60 items on a pallet.. Most pallets have about 17 items..
    A pallet with about 17 items will cost you atleast $500..  So, if you buy this salvage, you are going to have to pay atleast something like $500 for atleast one pallet.
    I would usually buy about 4 to 22 pallets at a time..  I would use credit, in a wise manner..
    You could buy as little as one pallet, often, but you will have to either pickup or pay the shipping costs and it will be more as its only one pallet..  If you order many pallets, its only like $50 bucks a pallet to deliver..
    Write back with your thoughts and if this sounds interesting to you..

    Matt Lemieux <> wrote:
    My interests in selling are white water kayaking supplies(boats and gear),
    Paintball, Dvds (any kind), video games and consoles, electronics (tvs,
    ipods, etc.)

    I would like to sell these types of items.


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