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  • Hi Dave,
    I am immune to that type of hate mail.. 
    I have seen so much of it, from selling over 30,000 items, I am partially immune..
    The FACT is I have seen what some of these "customers" are doing..  Basically, they want to screw the seller..  They want to buy the domain for $2 bucks..   I have even read it in feedback..
    They already know that most domains on ebay are generally better than average and that they could never get them from the registries for $2 bucks. 
    So, you KNOW that it is worth far more than $2 bucks to them, but they are trying to avoid paying what they perceive it is worth..
    I figure out ways to make them pay what they perceive it is worth..
    ONE THING IS FOR SURE..  Most who sell them with no reserve, no shipping cost are getting screwed..  They loose so much opportunity..
    I sold 3 domains so far for about $75 average.  No joke.  They did not sell super fast, but I sold them in about two weeks.. 
    Now, I am trying the $5 start and $12.95 Shipping cost.. 
    If they do not read it, bid, I will have no mercy.  I will file non-paying bidder alerts and get them kicked off eBay if they do not pay.
    Likely, over half will pay who did not realize and the ones that did realize will pay as they already knew.. 
    USUALLY, you can just lower it a dollar here or there and the complaints disappear..  Find a confort zone, is what I do..   Maximize the money coming, whatever needs to be changed..

    DAVE RICE <> wrote:

    Have fun with the domains. I am an affiliate for Wild West Domains and I would
    like to know how to sell domains too. I changed a bunch of my auctions to make
    the starting bid smaller and the shipping larger and got lots of hate mail.

    I also screwed up the listings on some of the auctions I changed and got even
    more hate mail from my customers. It does show however that there are people
    looking at my auctions, I just have to find a way to convert them. They
    definately don't seem to like inflated shipping charges.

    As a result of all of this my sales have dropped to nothing this week I had
    good sales per day up until yesterday and now nothing so far from today
    through the next week. Maybe I will get a pleasant surprise through the

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