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  • Hi Michael,
    The below is regarding your interests.  Selling in general, not just ebooks.
    In your last email you mentioned you wanted an automated business..  There is good news and bad news regarding this..
    First, the good news is it is possible to automate using my eBook business and your work to set it up.  So, you will find that automating your sales is not too difficult and that there are others things more important to your business than this component.
    A fact to consider is that everyone wants an automated business.  Everyone, literally.  So, you have TONS of competition. 
    My advice to you is this:
    1. Be determined.
    2. Get an edge over your competition.
    I give one very good edge with my marketing strategy that 90% of those selling eBooks on eBay do NOT do..  Basically, I teach you how to sell at higher prices and make a lot of money with one eBook..  Rather than selling 20 eBooks for 20 cents each, you sell 4 eBooks for $5 bucks a piece.
    There was one guy I coached.  He told me about an eBook he was selling.  A gambling eBook.  He sold them for $10 bucks a piece, no crap..  On top of this, he sold 8 a day..
    How did he do it? 
    Well, I can tell you know, most no one had the balls, for one, to do what he did.  I do something similar with some of my products, but it costs MONEY to do it..
    Thats what I mean by an edge.  You have to go where others will NOT go..  Most NO ONE wants to spend money.
    This guy put his eBook at the TOP of the category for $20 bucks(10 GBP) as a dutch auction (sell multiples of the eBook at one time)..  So, he would sell like 8 per auction..
    So, if you sell 8 per auction, you make $80 bucks, but pay ebay probably abut $27 bucks.. So, you keep like $50+.
    MOST, though, will sell the VERY SAME eBook for 20 cents, exaggerate their ad, be TOTALLY cheap and put up a 30 cent auction for one item..
    They make NOTHING.  He makes a TON..
    You see what I mean?  He has balls.. 
    Another edge is to go into a niche no one else is in or wants to go in..
    For instance, most people assume that junk is worthless, correct?
    That is why most who run junkyards make a ton of money.  This one guy I heard about had several hundred thousand in the bank and ran a semi truck junkyard.. 
    People just assume a junk car or truck is worthless, but the fact is you can take it apart and make 7 times what you could if you sold it in one piece.  So, they buy it for $100 bucks and sell the parts for several hundred bucks.. 
    Its a niche.. 
    Any niche where few seem to recognize the value of.. 
    Thats what you want..
    Anything that makes you different, stand out, etc..
    The easy part is setting up an automated business.  The HARD part is marketing it.. 
    So, you can't just setup the shell, as if you dont' know what you are doing, your competitors will eat you alive..
    SO, it is wise to learn how to sell.  My website has tons of information on it and I can help you here and you can learn from EXPERIENCE, which is the best teacher..
    For instance, I learned a lot more from when I lost $5000 bucks one time than I ever learned from making $14,000 bucks as I did one time.  BOTH OCCURRED.  I made $14,000 on royalties in one check.  I lost $5700 to a company which tricked me.  See what I mean?

    Michael McKay <> wrote:
    hi tony i would like to set up a shop selling ebooks, books, and marketing
    software.i'd like to have it as automated as possible as i'll be looking to
    be listing about 50 ebooks, 15 marketing ebooks and about 15 books at any
    one time. can i run a seperate auctionlist and shop at the same time? i
    would also be interested in selling internationally any advice there please?
    i really need to get this project up and running as i've been on hold for 2
    weeks now.all the best michael

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