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  • Hi.
    Yes, my articles do, but not to the extent of buying salvage/overstock or off eBay.
    I got the guitars by importing them from China..
    I can tell you how to do the whole process if you are interested..  A lot of the companies can be found on for starts..

    But, I will have to give you a couple heads up..
    First, when you buy from China, you have to trust a company with your money, which you usually have to bank transfer.  From my experience, the Chinese have never stiffed me thus far.. I have bought about 8 times from China. So, its a good trust, but again, you are not really protected.
    Second, you have to buy a decent amount..  Atleast a couple thousand dollars worth of product..  Thats on the low end..
    So, a couple pallets full of whatever, atleast..
    I have bought car audio (amps, speakers, etc) and electric guitars (basses, violins, etc) from China..

    I can give you good sources for these..
    Also, you have to note they are not name brand, even though some of these companies make for the name brand companies..
    Its pretty humorous, but I know some of the Chinese manufacturers of Fender and Ibanez guitars.  He has made for almost all the top American companies.. But, he can not put their brand on them if I buy from him directly.
    The American companies will pretend like they are all made in America, but its a load of bull.
    I will have to be honest.  You really need to know your stuff.. 
    I would say importing is for this type of person who wants this type of business here:
    1. A guy who already knows how to sell quite well.
    2. A guy with some money already or atleast a good amount of credit.
    3. A guy who is looking to corner a market on eBay and build a rather large warehouse type business.
    The above is the ideal scenerio.  I have seen guys who are the three above do it..  I know one who owns two warehouses and sells like thousands of electric guitars, etc on eBay.. 
    I tried to compete with him, but he has more money and more resources and more workers..  He kicked my ass, essentially.
    Of course, if I had $100,000 just laying around, 10 employees and a warehouse, maybe I could have taken him on.
    BUT, I HAVE LEARNED, the best way to do business is to get into a niche where no one else is on wants to be..  He has cornered electric guitars.  So, its not worth competing with him.

    So, if you do something like corner a niche on eBay, through imports, you have to cover the whole genre and make sure its a niche no one else is doing or where many do not want to do it or no one is doing on a big level..  Then you can make REAL money..
    OF COURSE this might sound like its not a match for you.. I can understand.  That is why I don't recommend imports to many.. I recommend buying salvage/overstocks or buy from eBay in lots and turn around and sell on eBay.
    If you would like to know about salvage/overstock or buying in lots on eBay.. I can help you..  This is a very good match for most starting out on eBay..
    There is ONE import that is killer I have seen...  You know those DVD LCD car players?  Those are killer if you can find a good source..  But, I think the one guy already cornered it and I can tell you, he is making KILLER money..  Good for him, I guess..

    Curt Snow <> wrote:
    Thanks Tony,
    I will definitely read both of these articles this week.
    I have also noticed that you sell items such as electric guitars, etc. Do the articles mention where to obtain items like these or similar goods?

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