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  • Hi Virginia,
    1) I already went through the whole process of selling this type of product, so I will just lay it out for you:
    A) Your customers are cheap, but you can catch them and I will tell you how.
    B) They are cheap, because they are not business oriented, but just mothers, often.
    Here is how you get the big bucks from them..
    Put it at 99 cents just like I do, put the eBook on a CD.  Put the shipping cost at $5.95.
    That will do the trick..  You can also put the shipping at $6.95, as I did that shipping cost also, but I think I changed it to $5.95, because I might have got some orders where they wigged out and did not pay.
    So, the maxed shipping "might" be $5.95, but again, I did the testing so long ago, I can't remember clearly.
    Why do they pay?
    Well, amazingly, its how they think..  When you tell them its 99 cents, they think they have a really good deal.  Then, you tell them its $5.95 Shipping and they still tell themselves that it was only a 99 cent CD.  So, they still got a great deal.
    Now, if you told them the CD was $5.95 and the shipping was 99 cents, they would say it is a bad deal.  As its more than $5 bucks and they know things can be shipped for 99 cents..
    See the logic?
    So, if I were you, I would burn the eBook onto CDs.  It doesn't cost much..  You can buy CDs for about 30 cents a piece.  You just buy about 50 or 25 at a time..
    Then, shipping it is amazingly cheap also..  You can get bubble mailers for about $0.40 a piece, you buy 5 at a time..  The shipping cost is about $0.60 cents.
    So, we are talking about $1.30 for all of that..  Make it, package it, ship it for $1.30..
    eBay fees are nothing at 99 cents..  Its like 3 pennies or something..  The auction is only about $0.30 if you put up one..  Its $0.70 if its dutch..  So, you can sell 4 in an auction for $0.70 and maybe you will get 2 or 3 sales... Its a bit of a gamble..
    You end up with:
    $0.99 + $5.95 = $7 approx.
    $1.30 + 0.70 (approx from auctions, paypal, etc) = $2 cost..
    $5 profit..
    So, each sale is $5 bucks profit..
    Pretty cool, yes?
    Only about half the auctions will sell, but its no biggie, as that is figured into the costs..  You can simply relist and get your fees back from the first auction that did not sell.. 
    As you can see, I really thought this one through..
    Your auction looks pretty good on the description.. I would just do the above for the sales strategy.. You can't beat it..
    The ONLY thing you might be able to improve is this:
    Its risky, but I used to sell this at the TOP of the page.. It costed me literally $20 bucks.. I would sell like 10 to 25 in an auction.. 
    You only make really good money if you sell like 15 or more..  So, there is a good deal of risk.
    I quit doing it as sales kept going down and I could not get it to consistantly make money.
    Now, I just sell at the bottom and make money..
    Literally, I would just sell them all for 99 cents + $5.95 S&H.  No joke..
    I have sold 5 different styles of ads on the recipes..  All different recipe spectrums..  The price works on them all.
    Jams Recipes
    Gift Basket Recipes
    Camping Recipes
    Catering Recipes
    Concession Stand Recipes
    Just look at all my auctions.
    I will also point out ANOTHER thing..
    Concession Stand Recipes
    And Catering Recipes
    Both of the above WILL sell for higher prices.. 
    Because you are selling to business people.  They are not cheap like mothers..  Sorry for the broad strokes, but essentially, it is true, atleast on eBay..
    So, I have sold the Concession Stand and Catering Recipes for like:
    $4.95 + $5.95 S&H
    It works at that price..


    Virginia Clemmons <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,

    1) Here is the link to the ebay ad I want to perfect ( I did follow the "100,000 Recipes on CD" ad you had on your site) :

    Here is a list of ebooks I would like to know the value of:

    1.  Kids Fun Recipes - 120 Fun & Delicious Recipes
    2. The Bread and Biscuit Baker's and Sugar-Boiler's Assistant
    3. "Cat Head Biscuits and Garlic Fried Chicken" Carolina Mountain
    4. Chocolate Treats
    5. Coffee Treats
    6. Summer Party Cooking Recipes
    7. Fair Carnival Recipes
    8. Frugal Recipes
    9. Jam Recipes
    10. Jamie Oliver - The Naked Chef 2
    11. Jamie Oliver - Sainsbury Recipes
    12. More Craft Recipes
    13. 100 Gourmet Popcorn Recipes
    14. Recipes for Diabetics
    15. Secret Restaurant Recipes
    16. Smoothies for Athletes
    17. Over 700 Quality Crockpot Recipes
    18.Top summertime Favorite Recipes
    19. 500 Quality Gourmet Bread Recipes
    20. Over 260 Gourmet Chicken Recipes

    I have many more yet I hope that this is enough ebooks to sell to allow me to quit my job ASAP.

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