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  • Hi Jeff,
    The biggest sellers are not necessarily the most profitable.
    What you want is:
    A product in which there is more demand for it than there is sellers.  Preferably a popular item no one is selling.
    Here are some popular products that are likely not too profitable:
    1. ipods
    2. xbox 360s
    The idea is to find an item that sells well, that either have little competition, or you can get it at such a low price, that your competition is irrelevant.
    Look at some of the stuff I sell.  For instance, I sell PDA/phones..  I get them for less than half of what I sell them for..
    A good example:

    My brother just the other day sold a T-Mobile Sidekick for about $200 bucks.  It was a slightly high and slightly unusual price. 
    Guess how much he paid for it?  he he..  Only about $30 bucks..
    Now, thats killer..
    Usually, we sell PDAs for like anywhere from $50 to $100.   We will only pay 50% or less on the price..

    Probably consumer electronics, hardware, home appliances..
    Those are pretty good, but again, there are tons of categories and if everyone goes to electronics, its obviously not the best category to sell in..
    So, it all comes down to supply and demand..  The less supply(competitors) and more demand(customers), the better.. 

    I stagger auctions, as you mentioned..  You can actually have 1 day auctions..  I have one day auctions up all the time..
    Often, you can put an auction at say 3 days and if you don't have a bid by the 20 hour mark, you can extend it to 5 days and so on..
    Of course, most of the action is on the last day anyways, so, sometimes this is not necessary to extend auctions..

    Jeff Berta <

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