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  • Actually, the pictures on the eBook descriptions you can just copy the links or literally download them to your computer and put it on your server space, if you have some ( is good and cheap if you don't have any).
    But, like I said, you can just take the link that points to the graphic and put it in your own auction.  So, i would be hosting the graphics..  No biggie..
    Credit for eBooks?  I guess you could do that, but why would you want to?
    I would just sell the eBooks and leave names off the eBooks.  Leave them as they are, basically.
    They are just a tool for making money, so I, personally, do not put my name on eBooks.  I guess you can, if they somehow offer this option.. But, its not really going to help sales or anything..
    Auto file?  Not sure what you mean..

    Lori Eden <> wrote:
    Thanks for your adviceI have a few questions.  On the bonus pages of ther ebooks, do I get credit for the ebooks on their.  I was just wondering because there is a link to a website.  Also, Pictures of the ebooks, do you have a file online for that?  Auto file sent through paypal, do you know where I would go to get this option?

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