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  • HI Bill,
    Do you mean the overall structure?
    If so, there is a trick you can use to take my format and incorporate your text into it pretty easily.. 
    1. Goto and click on the "Sell" button at the top of any page.
    2. This will bring you to this page: 
    3. Choose one of the selling formats: Online Auction, Fixed Price, ..
    4. Choose the category. You do so in two steps.
    5. After a few pages you should arrive to the "Title and Description" Page.
    6. Now, on the Title and Description Page scroll down and you will see the "Item Description". 
    7. You see the "Standard" Tab?  Its the default selected.  The other tab is "Enter your own HTML".
    On the Standard Tab you can literally paste parts of website pages in it!!!!!
    8. So, open another browser window, find some cool pictures, structure, etc on a webpage that you want on your auction page and you can literally select it with your mouse, right click and choose "Copy". 
    9. Then, go over to the eBay listing you are making, and left click in the blank space under "Item Description" and FINALLY right click and it will paste what you selected from the other page.
    So, you can copy web content by copy and paste and paste into the description box on eBay and build your auction that way pretty easily..

    bill griggs <> wrote:
    hi, yes i have purchased your e business on ebay and found it to be very handy thank you, in relation to my request i would like to gain information on how to create ads on ebay with  more description content like what you have in item listing 8814884738 LCD projector kit and various others as a find this format ideal for my selling purposes.  thank you Bill Griggs

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