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  • Hi.
    Actually, you do not need a website, but you do need space on a server.  You said you have web space with you IP, which is good. 
    Basically, you need web space to upload eBooks, graphics, etc..  Thats about it..
    So, the graphics and eBooks in your web space will be used to make your auction descriptions on eBay and to have a link to send to your customers for your eBooks, upon sale.
    I would not use MyDD.  I would use eBay's new automated delivery system.
    Basically, you put the link to your eBook in the eBay ad as you are creating it and when your auction sells and the customer pays, eBay automatically sends the link to your customer, where he can download the eBook.  Remember, the link will point to the eBook that is on your web space, which I mentioned above..
    Here is the link to the directions for knowing how to create your ad so eBay sends you eBooks:
    For automated email responses, it is all done on your personal computer, so you don't need to use web space for email responses..
    For how to setup automated email, I explain it here:
    For your situation, I would do these two types of sales:
    1. Buying "lots" on eBay and turning around and reselling individually.  I do this a lot and it can be a very solid way to make money..
    2. Sell eBooks and other eproducts..
    For the FIRST above, basically, the idea is to buy "lots of 2,4, 5, 10, etc" off eBay of various types of items, such as consumer electronics (accessories, car audio, camcorders/cameras, game systems, etc).
    I do this ALL the time and I make really good money doing it..  Often, you can buy something in a lot and turn around and sell it for 4 times what you paid..

    Usually, its double, but like I said, you can get even has high as 6 or 8 times what you paid.. 
    All depends on what you buy..
    For instance, with small accessories type lots, the idea is to buy lets say 50 of some accessory for say $115.  Then, what you do is sell it for a low price and a HIGH shipping..
    $1.99 + $6.95 S&H
    The trick is that you are making the profit in your shipping costs..  So, you paid about $2.10 for each item you are selling and you sell it for $2 + $7 for shipping.. The $2 bucks covers your cost in buying the item.  The $7 bucks covers shipping, bubble mailer and your profit.
    Often, accessories are very light and many will cost only about $1 to ship, sometimes even less.  The bubble mailer is like $0.60.  eBay's fees are only like 70 cents and paypal is only like 25 cents..  So, we are talking about $2.70 for shipping and all other costs..
    You keep $7 - $2.70..
    Now, that is a cheap type item..
    You can buy lots that are HUGE also..
    I just bought one, which costed me $500 bucks..  It included 50 items.  These items can be sold for $55 to $60 each..
    So, I make 50 x $55 or 50 x $60, which is about $2800+
    So, I paid $500 and can make $2800, so my net is about $2300.  It will take me probably two months to sell it all..
    You just keep buying lots like this and soon you are making $2000 a month, easy..
    THEN, ON TOP OF THIS, you can do eBooks..
    Basics for eBooks:
    Username:  internetsecrets
    Password:  d3gh8uw2
    Well, first is the eBook Vault, where you can get about 100 of the eBooks, along with their descriptions and icons:
    Second, is the tutorial, which helps to walk you through putting up your ebook auctions:
    The most important part, which many seem to neglect, is the marketing and strategy of seling eBooks, which I discuss here:
    eBay's new easier automated delivery of your eBook upon payment through Paypal:
    The old way of automated delivery of eBooks:
    You have to buy this software and install on server for the old way: 
    Believe it or not, the above is the EASY stuff..  The truth about making money with eBooks is to KNOW HOW TO MARKET THEM.
    About 90% of those selling eBooks on eBay do it WRONGLY. 
    In this article, I explain who to market eBooks correctly:

    Richard Rittenhouse <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,
    My name is Richard Rittenhouse.... (Dick) as my friends call me. I purchased your ebook business last Monday. I am 63 years of age and trying to live on Social Security, which is impossible. I went out on disability about 2 years ago. I am not totally disabled. I have a bad back, (two operations that were unsuccessful) and partial use of my left arm ( one operation on my neck that was unsuccessful). Thank god it was my left arm and not my right arm. I have been doing some odd jobs to supplement my income but it is just hit and miss and not enough. That is why I am looking for something else. I don't have to get rich but I do need to make extra money. This looks easy enough and I certainly have the time to put into it. I would like to make around $400 to $500 extra a week. Of course I would not be unhappy to make $2000 a week either but I can suffer along with less.
    I have sold a few items on E Bay and have an excellent feedback score. I am also signed up at PayPal and am verified. So that part of it is done. I do not have a web site and it looks as if I am going to have to build one. I have never done this but it can't be to hard to learn. I have the web site space  that comes with your subscription to your ISP. I guess that is good enough to get started. You'll have to tell me because I don't know if it will be enough space but I think it should be to get started.
    I am fairly computer literate although not a programmer or computer genius. I am familiar with Excel and things like that, but no HTML knowledge.
    I was thinking about putting up a couple books for auction on Monday or Tuesday to get started with and get some cash rolling in on a small scale until I can get the web site built. Do you have any suggestions as to which ebooks sell real good to start out with? I could put them up first.
    Do you suggest using E Bay's autoresponder or using the MYDD one?  I looked at the MYDD one and am now getting buried with emails asking me to buy it and telling me why his is so much better. I assume you have used them both. I don't know exactly how these autoresponders work. Will they work without a web site? That way I could get one right away and start using it while I am building the web site.
    That is all I have for now but I am sure you will be getting buried with questions as I start getting familiar with things. I am reasonably excited about this venture and look forward to building a successful small business and making my golden years a little more fun and enjoyable for my wife and myself.

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