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  • hi Lindt,
    Take it from someone who has sold this way since 2001.  I started out from the beginning selling in this format..  Few others have done it as much as me..  Probably no one..
    The auction is good and has tons of potential.
    Now regarding 10 sales a day..  You can't do that with just one auction at the top..  But, I can tell you how to do it!  Thats the good news..
    First, though, before you max it all out, you need to perfect this ad as it is..
    The description is fine and the title is fine for now..  What you need to do is some trial and error.  What I mean is a few test auctions to gage what it will currently do for you in sales.. You know just keep relisting it a couple times to see what it does..
    I am guessing you will get anywhere from 6 to 10 sales off this ad..  I could be wrong, but I am guessing thats probably what it would be about..
    The reason you got some in the beginning is the peak days are the beginning and the end.  The end is about 2.5 times as potent as the first day..  I wish I could draw a graph..  Basically this might give you an idea:
    7 day auction and its marketing power per day:
    1st = 20, 2nd = 6, 3rd = 4, 4th = 4, 5th = 4, 6th = 12, 7th = 50
    Power of 100 total.  50 is on the last day.. See what I mean now?
    Now, once you have had a few of these auctions end, you will know what type of sales it will do in its current state.
    SO, what you do is you tweak either:
    1. The price
    2. The shipping cost
    3. The graphic icon that they see in the search
    4. The title
    Thats about it..  Those are the main variables to mess with..
    You have the shipping at $0 right now..  If you get lower sales, a simple solution would be to just charge more in the shipping costs..
    You could turn it into a CD.  A CD with this eBook on it and charge $6.95 shipping.  It will cost you maybe $2.20 to make it, pack it, and ship it total.  You get another $4.70 profit just by putting it on a CD.
    Do you see what I mean now?  This auction really does have a TON of potential.  All you need is to tweak.
    Thats when it gets good!!!   After the tweaking is done, you just clone the auction and put a different title on it and put it in a different category.. 
    Thats about all there is to it..
    Then, you just keep adding auctions here and there in different categories that relate alteast partially to the item and different titles comprised of the hottest search terms for this item.
    THEN, you can stagger the auctions so one is ending every day or every other day.. It all depends on the market saturation..  can you get up 7 of this auction?  Maybe it can only hold 4 or 5?  
    It all depends..  You just keep putting them up and you will notice if a category or title is weak.  If it is weak you try to find another edge..  If there is none, you have to cancel that auction..  See what I mean?
    ANYWAYS, you get to where you can have say 7 of this auction up..  Then, you have one ending EVERYDAY..  Imagine, if you had 8 sales per auction. 
    That would mean 8 sales a day..
    Once this product is maxed out and tweaked..  Then, you just get another and start the whole process over..
    This is how I did it..  Now I have 200 auctions..
    I used to have about 40 auctions that are just like this one here you have..  I think I still have about 30 like this..  At the top of the page..  Not sure though.. I cut back some on it, as I had all my auctions like this.. 
    Now, I have a lot of diversity in my auctions, so this is only one style of selling..

    Lindt Ngai <> wrote:
    Thank you for your detailed advice.  I still have to read thru them a few more times to really digest what you mean.. but i guess i do have a sense of what ur trying to tell me.
    The fact is I'm used to selling clothing.. and other women's items... and i know from experiences that although alot of sales come from right before the auction ends... I also get alot of bids before coz the customers like to search for their brand name clothing...  espeically with expensive stuff... so i thought if i get the ads right. with the right title.. i would have like 10 sales per day...  clearly that's not the case?
    I tried to follow your advice to do the one day auction thing.. but somehow ebay wouldn't let me do it... shortest i can go is for 3 days... why is that?  maybe I just list the same item everyday.. so that i would have an auction ending every single day?  is that wise?
    I also have a hard time choosing which ebook to sell... i see alot of stuff that you offered on your website.. many are sold for $0.99 .. with the exact same ad... i guess alot of people who bought your program  (and others) just put up all the ebooks they have with the same ad?  Do you think I should get into the cheaper priced ones?
    Also.. do you think it is a good idea to list the same item in the UK site?  Thanks alot..

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