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  • Hi Victor,
    I think this is the problem.  You have a personal account with Paypal.   You need business/premier account with paypal:

    When you log into Paypal, look on the left side menu.  Do you see anything about business account or accepting payments? 
    Usually, they put all the important "next steps" on the left side menu when you log in.

    Victor Yarotsky <> wrote:
    Dear Tony,
    I have sold two eBooks and was happy about that. But I have received e-mails from my auctions winners which notified me that they experienced a problem with PayPal transaction. And it was related to my PayPal only. When I started to make auction my PayPal account has got "verified". So, I have sent an invoice and problem occured. Whould you please tell me, what is might be wrong?

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