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  • Hi
    I have been looking around on the net and found a couple in Australia.
    What was interesting, though, is it appears that many of the companies I buy from here in the USA can ship to Australia.
    Since shipping can be done cheaply by ship freight to Australia, its a viable option also..
    Two of the Best USA Liquidators I know, which Export or can have Exported to Australia
    A few websites that are Australian that "might" have something good to offer:
    The cracker website seems like it will have some good gems in it if you look around a bit..  The Genco, which I have bought from several times, will give you good product for the price you pay.  That is why I listed it as a very good source.  Also, I am quite positive you can have export setup through them or atleast have them cooperate with an export company to ship to you. 

    Check out the above links..  Look through the Australian sources..  Call them up on the phone.  Ask them about their "wholesale lots".  Ask them if they know of anyone else who sells overstocks and returns from stores, etc..
    Also think over the USA export idea.  I already know it will work, as I have imported from China product before..  The issue would only be the tariff/duty taxes..  The shipping cost can be kept surprisingly low by using:  train/sea freight, where it goes by train and then ship, rather than semi/plane..  Really cheap by train/sea.
    Here, are some of my searches.  I can't recall which ones were most fruitfull:
    I also clicked the "pages from Australia" on the , but not every time..
    Then, I sifted through the pages until I found some good looking ones..

    Sunseeker Sunglasses <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,
                  I have just purchased your e book business package. wow does it have a ton of information in it thanks heaps.
                  To start with I just want to get the e-book business going & earning a steading income out of it. Currently my wife & I own a sunglasses business.which we would like to sell & base our self's working at home. so we can spend more time with the kids. 
                   I have looked into dropshipping & currently doing some on my own website for a company(using there template website).but after reading your thoughts on dropshipping with regards to out of stock, that sums up one thought that I had & was worried about.
                    However for the future once I get some income coming in I would like to move more into electronics, but being able to source at a low price & make a good margin but sell still 20-30% under recommended retail.
                     hopefully be able to bring stuff in from over seas to sell.
                   I am abit confused with putting up the e-books on the web( with how you get links for the customer who purchases the book on eBay to go straight to that page after payment on the members.freewebsite do down load that book & only that book .Do you have any tutorials on creating these link.
                       Phil Jupp

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