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  • HI Phil,
    Lets just start with where to buy electronics and other name brand product cheaply..
    Where to get virtually every name brand item you see in stores for about 1/4 of the regular in store price.
    The main company to buy from for that is:
    They are the main logistics provider for VIRTUALLY EVERY CHAIN STORE IN AMERICA and some in the UK and Canada and Australia
    So, they are kind of big.  And I have bought $150,000 worth of product from them, so I know how it exactly works, how much you will make, what to avoid, all the steps to getting setup, etc.
    You will make double to triple what you paid, because people on ebay pay about 63% of the regular store prices (from various calculations I have done in the past over thousands of products). 
    Generally, what you can do is find someone who is a stay at home mom or dad, who wants to make some extra money and have them do the shipping for you..
    I pay my brother to do it for me ..  I pay him 15% of the price.. 
    Since I get it really cheap, I still make really good money even when paying him.
    eBay is the main place to sell.  I would say, start out there, get good at it and then branch out..
    There are some other auction sites I have sold on in the past, but none of them were super impressive..  I did have a few times where and auctions worked out some good orders..  
    But, I have quit them since then and only sell on ebay and my own websites..  So, selling on your own website can be really good to branch out to once you have been selling on ebay for a while..

    Sunseeker Sunglasses <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,
                  I have just purchased your e book business package. wow does it have a ton of information in it thanks heaps.
                  To start with I just want to get the e-book business going & earning a steading income out of it. Currently my wife & I own a sunglasses business.which we would like to sell & base our self's working at home. so we can spend more time with the kids. 
                   I have looked into dropshipping & currently doing some on my own website for a company(using there template website).but after reading your thoughts on dropshipping with regards to out of stock, that sums up one thought that I had & was worried about.
                    However for the future once I get some income coming in I would like to move more into electronics, but being able to source at a low price & make a good margin but sell still 20-30% under recommended retail.
                     hopefully be able to bring stuff in from over seas to sell.
                   I am abit confused with putting up the e-books on the web( with how you get links for the customer who purchases the book on eBay to go straight to that page after payment on the members.freewebsite do down load that book & only that book .Do you have any tutorials on creating these link.
                       Phil Jupp

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