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  • Hi,
    Basically, their email system sucks.  It has only very basic functionality as seen with shareware programs (refering to their "ebay message system").
    So, it is hard to deal with potential customers there, however, you can do it if you would like.
    But, generally, all of your ebay messages come also to your email account attached to your ebay account.
    From there, I answer questions much more easily..  So, I just download to Outlook and then read and answer from there..
    There MIGHT be a setting you need to change within your "ebay preferences" if you are not receiving any of your ebay messages to your email account that is registered on your ebay account.

    Ron Berman <> wrote:
        According to info I was reading about EBAY, one must use EBAY's email to communicate with potential customers. Once a sale is made, then one can communicate
    with that customer from their own email address.
        You had indicated previously that Ebay's email is good only for dealing with a few customers not a large volume which would require using outlook or outlook express using one's own email address. Would you elaborate on this?

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