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  • Hi.
    Actually, I just realized, there are some similarities to the progression of college compared to doing business online..
    At first, in college, you just screw around to find what you want to do..  So, you do a little of this and little of that..   THis is a good approach with selling online..
    Then, after a year or two, you start refining what you are going to go into..  Very good idea with doing business online also..  Get really good at what works for you and what you love..
    I suggest that you try a few different approaches to making money online and which ever ones seem to really work for you and are fun, continue doing those..  After about 4 or 5 years, you will be a master of that area and will be able to control it like there is no tomorrow..  Further, you will be making some serious money..
    For instance, I have been doing this about 5 years and I am making good money..  Even during this time of year, when things are slower in sales..  I think I am doing about $600 a day right now..  It was about $700 a day, but the time of year has caused me a hair of a decrease..
    YES, soak it in..  
    You seriously need to get it straight in the mind and do.

    The fact you are a doer is really good..  Most people are lazy and not doers..  The one thing you need to look out for is "burning yourself out". 
    If you keep your head on straight study and really make sure you think things through BEFORE putting the hand to the plough, you are really going to BE THERE online one day, no joke and could be very quick..

    BUT, as I said, 15 minutes of thinking on something you are wanting to do can save you 4 hours of wasted time.. 
    Work smart, not hard, as the old saying goes..

    i_byte3 <> wrote:
    I think the money I spent on you to teach me is the best thing I could of ever done. Itís the only good thing I have spent my money on yet. All the rest has been a waste. I am on your website and I am going to take your advice and not buy anything until I learn and read all the material you want me to read. I will be doing that the rest of the evening so you donít have to waite online for me. I will be back on tomorrow day and will email you when I am on. I have church tomorrow night at 7 and I have church on Sunday and wont be on Sunday until after 2pm. What hours are you on and what hours is school open? Is there any time when you are not available. What hours are good for you? If after my 3 months is up and I still want to learn from you can I continue to purchase more time? Please let me know as I know that if you had to pay ebay almost 4,000.00 last month then you must be a very, very busy man and I donít want in any way shape or form to waste your money. I have a little info that may make you quite a sum of money if your interested. A friend of a friend came over today and told me about these 2 websites were he is doubling his money every couple of months. He invested 4,000 and has more than tripled his money in the last 6 months. He is going to show me how to do it when I get my money in a month but I thought I would share it with you. I wouldnít tell you about this if I didnít know first hand that you wouldnít get taken. Apparently his partner, knows a friend of the owner of this website and he said that you really do get paid and he hasnít been screwed over. Check it out. both websites are owned by the same guy and he said if you want to make some really good money quick heres the way to do it. I  donít know how to do it yet but I can give you my friends phone number if you are interested and he would be glad to explain it to you. You have to spend only 15-20 min a day and every so many days you make 15-20% of your money back. He pulled out his investment a long time ago and is now making money on their money so he isnít loosing any money. let me know if your interested in checking it out. I will never give you any information on something unless I know of someone who is already doing it or unless I can see with my own eyes that it will benefit you. I would never want to be screwed over so I would never give out this information unless I am going to do it myself. He doesnít take credit cards anymore as he got burnt for 50.000 dollars. You have to send him a cashiers check or money order in order to do this. it is an honest person who owns these websites.

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