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  • Hi Kulvir.

    Basically, the only time you get veroed or an auction canceled is when someone(usually a competitor) thinks what you are selling "violates" his copyright or something.. Whether or not it is true..

    If you want, send me your ad and MENTION in your email that you want me to focus on it being more Cancel/Vero proof..

    You can not keep someone from Veroing you, because any person can do it for any reason, even if you are selling chickens and they think it violates their books trademark.. So you can not stop looney people.

    HOWEVER, my techniques WILL stop about 95% of those out there that are wanting to do it to you..
    The idea is to:
    1. Make a compilation of ebooks on a topic.  In your ad, do NOT name the ebooks in your compilation.  Rather, give your compilation (collection of ebooks) a unique name.  Like "Ultimate Forex Secrets" (assuming you were selling ebooks on Forex investing). 
    2. Then use points from the ads for each of these ebooks to make one big ad for the compilation.  You don't mention the ebooks included, but rather point out the best features listed in the ads and write it like its one mega product.
    3. This throws off your competition.  They will have NO CLUE what you are selling.  They will think you are selling something totally new..  So, you just follow this pattern and there is no way they can "in good conscience" assume you are selling the ebook they are selling.  So, this keeps them from canceling their auctions.  Even the partially looney ones, who think they own something they don't.  They will even know if the ebook is in your compilation.


    k k <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the tips. I've decided to go with just
    ebooks for now. I read through your links and now
    realize the importance of having a very strong ad.

    I have to wait to become Paypal verified I think
    because my ad for a blogging ebook was removed due to
    copyright violation -- I wrote in my ad that I had
    resell rights & I did actually get the rights via
    email. Not sure if this will be a problem in the

    Thanks for your help, I appreciate your time

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