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  • Hi.
    I definitely understand what you mean..  Thats why I warn people that they actually need to be pretty familiar with Google Adwords (atleast the basics) to even understand my article..
    YES, please read up on Google Adwords here and there are other people selling "manuals" on how to do google adwords where they cover the "basics"..  Here are some links:
    Basically, there are oodles of ads and links on Google for learning Google Adwords..  Perry Marshall is suppose to be "king" of Google Adwords, although I am not too impressed by him..  Atleast he covers all the basics well and gives you an "even footing" with the other thousands who are doing it..
    My article is to give you an edge over all those "thousands" doing it..  So, read his stuff first and then my article..

    i_byte3 <> wrote:
    I donít wish to offend you but I have read your front page with the google adwords and since I have never worked with google adwords what you are describing there is greek to me. its like you talking Spanish to me and all I speak is English. Do you have a site that explains it in great detail, step by step how to do google adwords? I am willing to learn but I need to start as a kindegardener and the way you describe it on your website, it starts at 6th grade and makes no sense to me.

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