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  • Hi Andre,
    You are starting to get it..  Fast forward yourself through the thought process and you will see the "light".
    Ebay is concerned only for their money and their butt. 
    So, basically, if someone complains to the VeRO Dept about your auction for any reason, your auction is canceled.
    It doesn't matter if what he is saying has any merit.  It could be the most rediculous claim in the world (for instance, he doesn't own the copyright and his product absolutely does not relate to yours). 
    The way to avoid this is to make your OWN title for what your product is and to make your description appear to be for a different ebook, even if it is the same ebook..
    IF it appears to be a different product, you are much more likely not to get canceled..
    Here are my steps again:

    1. Start with killer topic:
    CHOOSE A GOOD TOPIC (Offers Solid Value to Customers):
    A. something that makes money(make money on ebay, etc)
    B. helps save money(at Disney, Vegas, plane tickets)
    C. helps to achieve a difficult goal(loose weight, great body, etc)
    D. helps to obtain something difficult(a way to have expensive items cheap, etc)
    2. Build compilation of ebooks, pdfs, etc on the topic as your "package".  I can help with this after you choose topic.
    3. Decide how you are going to sell it.  On CD, as a website login, as a download zip file, etc.
    4. Follow my directions in my steps in METHOD #1 (usually its the right one, although sometimes its METHOD #2 that works best):

    The rundown of the steps on Method #1 are basically, you do some trial and error sales until you get about 30% sell through and then you take it to the top of the page, as category featured dutch auction and try to sell about 8 or more per auction.  and then clone auction into other categories..
    5. When making the ad, do not list all the ebooks in your compilation.  Actually, just make a name for the compilation and do not reveal the ebooks included in the compilation.  This is to make your product appear UNIQUE.   This will allow you to set yourself appart from others and be able to have higher pricing.  The idea is to take the best features and benefits mentioned in each individual ebook ad (the ad that comes with each single ebook).  Take the best parts of those ads and combine them into one killer ad (for the compilation).  Also, follow this guide below, in general, when making your ad:

    Andre Laurin <> wrote:
    Sorry if I blamed you
    I was just frustrated,I just started selling ebooks and I'm not doing well at all.
    I got cancelled 4 times and I followed the instructions from the guy I bought the ebook from. And yes I had a notice to ebay explaining copyrights.but i guess it doesn't matter, I think ebay just cancels you because someone complaines I really don't think they look into it.

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