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  • Not bad product topic..
    Just remember, it is NOT the right product you need.  Its the right method/marketing approach of selling it that you need.
    How to do Google Adwords is a good topic..
    You need to pick up on patterns.. 
    Its like tuning in a radio that has 3 knobs.  Really frustrating, but once you find the channel, it just gets easier the next time..
    Here is a pattern you need to see..
    THERE are two customers..  One is a cheapass..  One wants some quality information.
    You are only concerned about the one who wants quality information and is willing to pay for it..
    I remember when I first wanted to learn about Google Adwords.  NOW listen..  I jumped on and did a search and saw two or three ads.  One was pretty good and the price was low..  Then there was another that seem to be very comprehensive and what I needed.  IT WAS $80.00.
    Guess which one I bought?  The $80 dollar one.
    Guess what? 
    It wasn't spectacular, but got my feet wet and I did not ask for a refund.
    Notice..  Quality customers do not ask for refunds like the cheapass customers..
    Sell it for $7 bucks and you got cheapasses buying from you and asking for refunds..
    Sell it for $80 and you have quality customers and less refunds.. Of course the product you give has to be atleast "solid".
    YES, you need to think outside the box..  You need to look at the big picture..  Its not like everyone else thinks it is..
    You need to see these type of patterns..  This is how I find the "money"..
    SO, I am telling you now..  You want to sell such a product for $80 bucks and you want to MARKET it through Google Adwords..
    I know, its ironic..  Make a ton of money teaching people how to use Google Adwords while you use Google Adwords to make the money..
    THIS is how it is done..
    Maybe $80 bucks is not the ticket..  Could be $40..  Could be $60..  The point is, you do testing on the price..  Which ever one makes you more money is the one you use..
    AND, if you have no clue how to do adwords, read those ebooks you are selling for your sake! 
    AND then read this:

    dennis <> wrote:
    Just sent you that a moment ago……this product is stuff that I’m promoting off my site.

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