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  • Hi.
    Good idea on the Google Adword campaign..
    You need to FIRST get the basics down, which I am sure those ebooks you are selling on Google Adwords covers..
    AND once you understand the basics and try to set up a little campaign, you need to read this here..  ALTHOUGH, I am told it is greek to those who don't know Google Adwords:
    Once you "attempt" to follow my techinques there, you can then send me copy and paste of your campaign and its progress and I can give you pointers..

    dennis <> wrote:
    Tony….okay looks good. Hope you had a blessed weekend. I decided with the nice weather we are having to spend some time (quality time) outside with the children getting some yard work done and starting our garden, which they like to help with.
    Wasn’t able to fire off an email response to you….till now.
    Both methods, of course, are very appealing. I think the one thing that has me motivated at this moment is to create the Google Adwords campaign to generate some traffic, make some money and then keep moving forward. As this method is building some steam and I have a good handle on it, migrate over to building out the mega/steroid sites, hehehe….
    Let me know what the first steps are/would be for me, and I’m on it.
    Look forward to hearing back soon….

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