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  • Hi Mark,
    It is common for people to get online and to think dropshipping and selling ebooks is the "only way". 
    So, common, you would probably be surprised.
    But, in actuality, what you want, is something "different" or a "different method" than everyone else, because then, you are free from having to fight over the same piece of meat.
    I have developed ways to sell ebooks/info products and sell real product, where it is basically equivelant to dropshipping.
    You see, anyone can come up with the idea "dropshipping", as it is advertised everywhere.
    And, as a result, all these companies that have dropshipping products, know you are all out there and if you do not sell for them, somebody else will.
    So, they take advantage of people like you and put the prices really high, albeit they pretend their prices are low.  They show some inflated MSRP that they probably just made up on the fly and then show their price to be only about 60% of that.
    Of course, you go to ebay and they sell for that price you would buy it from them at..

    Like I said, you have to be smarter than everybody else.  Perhaps that is why you came to me.
    Here is what I do:
    1. I buy product from Genco, a logistics provider for almost all the chain stores in the USA and also many in the UK and some other countries (Canada, etc). 
    2. You are bidding on NAME BRAND POPULAR items just like you see in the stores.  The bidding literally starts at 10% of the wholesale price.  The bidding generally gets it up into the 30% of the in-store or wholesale price. 
    3. I buy it and have it shipped to my contractor's house.  He then goes through it, reports back to me on the condition of everything and then I list it on ebay.  NOTE: I DO NOT SHIP ANYTHING.
    4. Then, I use various websites and techiniques to construct an ad for each product..  The methods I use and the sources I use to construct the ad make it really easy to make and I don't have to take "pictures", etc.
    5. I then look through the completed item history on ebay for this particular model of whatever(electronics, fashion, hardware tools, appliances, etc) I am going to list and then sort by highest price first.   Then, I look for the first few 'green' ones, as you might not know, the green ones are the ones that sold and the red are the ones that did not sell.  I set my price near what was the highest price it sold for in the last two weeks.
    6. It sells in about a week, generally.  I make my money, generally DOUBLE what I paid.. Sometimes even 3 times what I paid..  Lowest is about almost double what i paid.
    I can show you how to do ALL of this if you want..
    Here is the website for the main source I use..  There are about 30 sources like this, but this one is the best and biggest hands down..
    I discuss a lot of this on my website here:

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