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  • Hi Doug,
    Yes, people are cheap and looserville this time of year..
    Just make it "immediate payment required".
    I think the best setup is to have it as an:
    1. Auction which also includes "Buy It Now".  So, they can either bid or buy it now.
    2. Immediate payment required checked.  Usually, this forces you to only accept paypal and have it only in the USA, BUT I believe having it where they can bid also, throws in a twist, where if one bids, he doesn't have to pay immediately and allows for money orders and potentially international orders.
    So, if they "buy it now" they have to pay immediately to even win it.  If they bid, they don't have to pay immediately.  Works out good, as only those who are serious will bid, as they have to wait for the auction to end and most non-payers are NOT patient.

    Doug Burch <> wrote:
    i need some advise/coaching. my ebooks are beginning to sell but im seeing that about 1/3 of my customers dont bother to pay. how do you handle that?

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